Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lynnderella Celebrates My Anniversary!

Today I have a special giveaway to celebrate my Anniversary Month! The lovely Lynn, better known as Lynnderella, has generously furnished two of her original Franken creations for three lucky winners. Each of the three winners will receive a bottle of The Glittering Crowd and Snow Angel. Read on for my pictures (which don't do these justice!) and the entry details.

Below: The Glittering Crowd is a clear based glitter-packed array of colors and shapes that I used 2 coats on. This would certainly work well over a darker shade, but for a clear based glitter polish, it applies very evenly and works beautifully on its own.

Below: Even a coat of OPI Houston We Have a Purple can't contain this glitter frenzy!

Below: Don't think that Snow Angel has less photos because I like it any less! It's not as photographic (that's my fault, not the polish!) as The Glittering Crowd, but it's every bit as beautiful, just in a different way. From the name, to the shade and finish itself, Snow Angel is the epitome of everything that is pure.

First, I'd like to thank Lynn for her contribution to my blog anniversary, and more importantly, for her inspiration to all of us who enjoy the Frankening process. I wanted to make this fun (but easy!) to enter, so here's what I've come up with. It seems that many of us are inspired not only by the colors and finishes of polish, but also by the names of polishes. Who among us has bought a polish simply because of the name? I know I have! I personally am also inspired by music. I can hear a song and it has the power to take me right back to where I was when that song was popular. It can alter my mood, bring back memories--both good and bad, and I consider my music collection the soundtrack of my life.

To enter, in the comments section tell us a song(s) or an artist that might inspire you to Franken a polish or a collection of polishes! This little bit of information will confirm to you just how "off" I am!...I once made a holo collection of 7 shades, and I named one of them Holo It's Me, after the Todd Rundgren song Hello It's Me from way back! Two other shades also had song references--Holo Goodbye (Beatles song reference), and You Had Me At Holo (Kenny Chesney song reference). You can even describe the shade(s) if you like. We'll leave the entry period up through Sunday, February 27 at midnight. Three random winners will be chosen using, and the winners will be announced in my Come Monday Weekly Newsletter on February 28. Followers only, please.


  1. What a generous and creative way to celebrate your anniversary!

    I currently name all my frankens after Prince songs :)I have 4 so far:) I'm a freak are not alone...LOL! :)

  2. I think the band Camera Obscura would make a good name for a glitter/holo polish. I just haven't envisioned what it would be. Maybe Lynn can come up with something ;)

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  3. Ahh! Such gorgeous colours! I absolutely ADORE the Snow Angel!
    I once frankened a purple nail polish and named it Purple rain :)
    I absolutely love music and can't live without it. Even after many years when I hear a certain song it makes me melancholic or happy (it depends on the song)

  4. This is a fantastic giveaway! Congrats on your anniversary, too!

    I love the band, Bush. So I would probably use their songs for names like:
    Comedown Brown (comedown)
    Acoustic aquamarine (glycerine)
    Greeny Fly (greedy fly)
    Gold contagious (cold contagious)
    Thistle things (little things)
    Yellowed Swallowed (swallowed)
    and for my favorite song ever:
    Inflatable red (inflatable)

  5. *swoons* Lynderella's frankens are so amazing!

    If I were to franken a collection and name them after songs, it would have to be Metallica songs - Fade to Black, Bleeding Me, The Thing That Should Not Be, The Call of Cthulu... how could I resist those names?! :)

    threnodynx @ gmail . com

  6. Hmm, not really a song or artist, but I'd love to do Harry Potter themed franken, because I'm a nerd like that. :D

  7. I'd probably go with Cee-Lo's "F you" -- it would be a neon/glitter Franken to wear as an accent on the middle finger only, lol

  8. Amazing frankens, I'm especially in love with Snow Angel, it's so sweet and spring-y!

    As for a franken name inspired by a song, hmm.. I have plans of using some of Bright Eyes' amazing lyrics as inspiration once I find a few franken ideas suitable for them. There's songs like Gold Mine Gutted (this one's pretty obvious), Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh, Light Pollution... And the list could continue forever LOL. As for twitching the names, it'd take a lot longer for me (and help from my boyfriend LOL).

    In case you need follower name and email:

  9. If ever I would try to franken I would use the name "duochrome become one" the song is "two become one. LOL. Another name can be "sexy holographic chick" song is Sexy chic by David Guetta. Or Party in the holographic LOL -- song is Party in the U.S.A by Miley cyrus.

    they're lame I know, I tried lol.

  10. I would love to see a polish collection for Madonna. She's such a diva and she changes ALL the time. The collection would be really cool and dramatic. Imagine names like Vogue (vampy), Like a Virgin (white holo)... shatters and glitters OH MY! lol

    soco210 at yahoo dot com

    LOVE these frankens. I wish I could franken... alas I don't have the skill!


    Thanks for this super cool giveaway! I like Amy Winehouse's song names for franken polishes :)

  12. I already frankened one dusty blue called "Unclean, a Libertine". I like Placebo!

  13. peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    I am a big fan of Travis and the song that immediately come to mind is Flowers in the Window hmmm wonder what color polish best represents

  14. Weeeeell, I normally mix frankens (as well as doing my nail routine) listening to some foreign language series. Lately Spanish ones. I mean, I'm anyway not watching them, cuz I'm too concentrated on my nails, so at least I'm improving the language skills. However, a song I could think of is mmmm Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid. Old, I know, but very inspiring :)

    ritterbraten /at/ googlemail /dot/ com

  15. amazing giveaway. i have to say that music inspires me as well, especially the beautiful lyrics of The White Stripes. right now i am really liking their earlier songs, for example Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me? and also Screwdriver. honestly you can take any line from any of their songs and it will be brilliant. :D
    also I like the name 'Yellow Matter Custard' very much.
    my follower e-mail is!

    can't i be lucky this one time...

  16. For a nice sparkly milky shade: 'Fly me to the mo-hoon.'
    And something must be done with 'I want to break free' from Queen, I love all his creativity.
    And I simply must have a Pollock polish! I'll write my own song for that one ;-)
    I love Snow Angel!

  17. I like the name Holo It's Me! Love Todd Rundgren. I'd use Beatle songs for my franken titles. I fell hard in love when I first saw Paul McCartney. I was in 6th grade and someone bought in a copy of I Want To Hold Your Hand. It was a 45rpm record, one of the little ones! I haven't made any frankens but I'd have plenty of titles to choose from. I just love both of those polishes. I'm partial to Snow Angel. Thanks to Lynn for her contribution.

  18. I always wanted to create a beautiful red one that just dazzles you for the song "Stop! In the Name of Love" by Diana Ross.

  19. The that comes to mind is Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)... It would probably be black with yellow glitter (not shimmer and not gold) if that were possible. =]

  20. I actually named one of my frankens (Rhapsodic) after Rhapsody in Blue. Yup. I are highly creative. lol

    erikatheicyone (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. I could probably do a collection for my fav Tori Amos songs, but most of the associations would surely be too personal to be recognized by anyone else. A non-musical inspiration would be easier to relate: I think the True Blood characters would make good colors, or supernatural/mythical creatures for example...
    GFC name: vedra, email: vedra(AT)

  22. Wow! A chance to win not just one, but TWO of Lynderella's awesome frankens! I (along with several other nbers) have been drooling over Snow Angel ever since L8b dazzeled us with them several, several months ago.

    If I were to franken a collection around an artist/s, I would franken a collection based on (feel free to laugh) the Spice Girls in all their zany, 90s glory. They became really popular when I was in 2nd/3rd grade so their music brings back cheesy, but happy memories for me.

    Posh would be a dark burgundy jelly with deep red, almost maroon, shimmer. Scary would be a turquoise jelly with lime green flash and sparse black microglitter. Baby would be a light, carnation pink jelly with several different sizes of clear, iridescent, hex glitter. Ginger would be a fire-engine red jelly with red, orange, and bright copper and bronze glass flecks. Finally, Scary would be a white jelly with a duochrome blue/violet flash.

  23. I love Winter & I love snow (I lived in Buffalo, NY for 11 years). My favorite Xmas movie is White Christmas and the song 'Snow' from that movie is one of my very favorite Holiday songs & I sing it a lot during the whole Winter.

    I keep wanting a white glitter polish. A clear base with small & sparse white glitter, so you can put it over other polishes to look like there's a sprinkling of snow falling. It could be plain white, but an slightly iridescent white would be good too. I would totally, totally name that polish 'Snow'. Simple name for a simple polish and a catchy song to sing when wearing it.

  24. I would love to franken a "Dirty Dancing" collection, since I love that movie and its soundtrack. One song that immediately brings a franken to mind is "She's Like The Wind", and the colour would be a dove grey with intense purple shimmer!

    Follower name and email:
    glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com

  25. I'm a dancer so I would love to franken a dance collection. Either the names of the dances like jive, salsa and waltz, but also the moves, like pas-de-deux, chasse and jete! The latin dances would probably be hot sassy and deep colours, and the ballroom ones would be really elegant, and the ballet ones would be very light and airy!

    Thank you for this giveaway! The glitter bomb is awesome!

    I'm following you as Cheryl, my email is cherylcherylcheryl(at)gmail(dot)com.

  26. Thanks for the great giveaway! My email is, and my idea for frankens come from a Korean girl band called SNSD...=P

  27. I love Sting, so it would be a collection of his songs like "Desert Rose", "Time in a bottle", "Fields of Gold"
    Great polishes!

  28. The imagery in Saves the Day lyrics is SO intense and raw, I would definitely be inspired by that and now I want to actually do it so thanks for the idea!

  29. Oh, enter me!

    I follow as Biba.

    e-amil: barbara(dot)skledar (at) gmail(dot)com

    My polish collection would be inspired by The Rolling Stones and their song Paint It Black.

  30. I like Enya's songs, very therapeutic. Painting my nails is too, wouldn't it be fun to have a bunch of colours with Enya's songs as names

  31. My collection would have to be based on one of the most colorful musicians in history in his most glittery incarnation. David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth.
    Probably a black glitterpocalypse called Wish Granted, a blue of some kind called As the World Falls Down, a white glittery polish called Love me Fear me and idealy I'd figure out how to make a tapioca topcoat (the result to look like raindrops on the nails) called Jareth's Crystal Balls.

  32. I have been making quite a few frankens lately, I named one Greige Against the Machine, I would love to do a who series of alternative band names

  33. That is so nice of Lynn~. I really like Snow Angel~ it is so~~ pretty.

    I am new at frankening I have only made 33 polishes.... ^^; Only 5ml but yah, haha. I have a few American songs/bands I like but the songs that actually make me happy/inspire me/ relate to me are Japanese songs. I like an array of Japanese artists, but the group who I listen to most / am a big fan of is Morning Musume. I can see my self looking at the lyrics/names of their songs and making polishes that sort of relate to the songs.I also LOVE Sailor Moon . All incarnations of it. And my second nail polish I frankened is just a clear polish with a whole bunch, and I mean a whole bunch of red glitter. I named it after a song from the sailor moon musicals called ' You're My Jewelry' It sparkles so much. Out of the 33 polishes I made only 14 have names so far.

    I follow by enmail - KayKayMusume @


  34. I'm kind of embarassed to say this but I am a Usher fan. He's had some issues but he is truely a talented artist. I would create a "romance" collection and name them accordingly :)

  35. Very excited about this giveaway!

    I've always wanted to make a franken inspired by the band The Arcade Fire called "Blue Ocean of Noise." It would be a blue jelly polish jam packed with different sizes of multi-colored glitter.

    Thank you!


  36. LOVE both of these SO much! :-) I would pick Elton John. He has so many songs that I think would work well with a polish collection.

    Rocket Man-Silver with multi colored glitter.

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-A gold/yellow with glitter.

    Written In The Stars-Deep Blue with silver glitter and silver star and moon glitter shapes.

    Tiny Dancer-Sparkly pink jelly.

    Candle In The Wind-Shimmery white with orange glitter.

    I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues-Light blue base with lots of different shades and sizes of blue glitter.

    Crocodile Rock-Green with lots of multi colored glitter of different shapes and sizes.

    I could go on, but I'll stop there. :-)

    My e-mail is

  37. My frankens aren't inspired by songs/artists but I like to ask others for name ideas and then I franken the name from their suggestions!

    If I was to choose an artist though, it'd be Nine Inch Nails for sure - and probably a lot from their Fragile Album.

  38. Got to try this. Those nails look great.

  39. Let's see...for my entry I would do nail polish inspired by American Pie by Don McLean.

    I would do a beige nail polish with small silver undertones for the base and then mix it with large red glitter for the apple look. So the beige is the dough and the red glitter are the apples. =)

    Crazy I know but who knows it might be cute.

  40. I LOVE those frankens! I have never been brave enough to try to make one!

  41. Oh wow, those are beautiful!

    I actually did help create a polish named after a song. I entered Maria's (of Cult Nails) polish contest. The color I wanted to create was a blurple holo and I named it Pretty the World after one of my favorite Matt Nathanson songs.

  42. Lynderella is so talented - I would be overjoyed to win a couple of her creations!

    A couple songs by Bloc Party inspire me: "Blue Light" makes me want to create a lovely Maya blue jelly with fine champagne shimmer and sparse gold flakes, and "She's Hearing Voices" would be a flakie polish similar to OPI Merry Midnight, but the base would be something like a dusty Egyptian blue with bright red and burgundy flakes.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. lady gaga's born this way. it would have to be a crazy bright color with a ton of glitter in it

    cwl1983 at gmail (dot) com

  45. Oooh! "Transatlanticism" The song is by Death Cab for Cutie. The polish would be have the same navy jelly base as Across the Universe, but with smaller, more subtle sparkle in turquoise and silver. Pretty, right?

    Also, I never know if I can enter giveaways -- I can't use my google account to follow your blog b/c of the internet restrictions on the campus where I live, but I check your blog regularly, so in that sense I'm a follower. Hope it's okay that I entered!

  46. Ahhhh, Snow Angel!! -passes out- Thank you and Lynnderella for giving us the chance to win these awesome polishes! And congrats on your anniversary!!

    I follow through GFC as terrenity. I'd love to see a polish based on the Wir Sind Helden song "Echolot" ("Sonar"). I envision a deep blue jelly like the sea at night, shot through with multicolored glass fleck like tiny phosphorescent fish. :)

    Thanks again!

  47. Again Happy Anniversary Mary!!! This is so very nice of you and Lynn. I sure want snow angel :)

  48. OMG! I never thought about naming my few frankens after songs. I have to think about whom I would choose. Ok, The late Michael jackson. I could title my collection 'Smooth Criminal' :)

    email: nailsbeautiqued(at)yahoo(dot)com

  49. Happy Anniversary! I think I'd name a franken after Loveholic, a favorite Korean song of mine :) it'd contain everything I love -- glitter and sparkles!

    minhae . kwon (@) gmail(dot)com

  50. Id love to name my polishes after Nicki Minaj songs or Rhianna(Rude Boy expecially!!!)
    and for my mint green polish it would probably be Mint Condition

    grablebaby @ yahoo(dot)com

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. I'll go with More Than a Feeling and I see it being blue based with green and purple and maybe pale silver shimmer in it. Like, duo-chrome or trio-chrome or whatever. XD And I think it would be kind of light.

    Those are both really beautiful polishes. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations!


  53. Those are gorgeous frankens! I would definitely do some frankens inspired by Imogen Heap, who is one of my favorite artists (if not #1). I think her music is amazing, and she has a super quirky sense of fashion that I love!

  54. Thanks so much for this!! I LOVE The Glittering Crowd!

    I love 80s music, so I'd love to see a Cyndi Lauper collection. All bright colors with glitter, shimmer, duochrome, holo....With names from her songs like Drove All Night, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time After Time, and True Colors (this one could be a holo!)

    I follow through GFC as Janna, email: paradise423 at gmail dot com

  55. Sarah Mclachlan collection, or Norah Jones....