Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery Set

Today I have swatches from the Color Club Reveal Your Mystery set, which is one of two sets that comprise their Alter Ego Spring 2011 Collection. If you missed the swatches from the Keep It Under Cover set, you can view those here.

Below: Revealed is a gentle peach creme with pink iridescent hidden micro shimmer. I used 3 coats on this, as I did on all of these swatches.

Below: Here's a comparison showing Revealed with Chanel Peche Nacrée.

Below: Incognito is a pale taupe creme that could be the perfect mannequin hands look, depending on your skin tone! This shade was so sheer on the first coat, but the color built up nicely.

Below: Get A Clue, a baby pink creme with a hint of lilac, is nothing unique. However, it is a nice Spring shade if you're needing something like this in your collection.

Below: Secret Rendezvous is another pretty pastel shade that is probably a dupe to something I already have. This is a light lavender creme.

Below: Sheer Disguise is a beautiful dusty aqua blue creme with grey tones, and it reminded me very much of China Glaze Sea Spray, only without the delicate shimmer.

Below: Give Me A Hint, a polish that is channeling its inner Channelesque, is a greyed-out mauve creme shade. It looked very similar to both China Glaze Channelesque and its newer dupe Below Deck (shown below), but GMaH has a touch of lilac, making it just slightly lighter.

My favorite shades in this collection are Sheer Disguise and Revealed, and that's probably because I don't think I have anything quite like them already. Most of these were on the thick side, formula-wise, but 3 of them may be missing their ballz! I don't hear them when I shake them, so I'll be adding a little thinner and some ballz. Hopefully, that will make for a smoother application the next time.

Overall, it's a pretty set of polishes for Spring. There are a couple of unique and interesting shades, but there are also some shades that although Spring-like and trendy, they've been done before. Any favorites?


  1. ooh i like Revealed very much! it's what i wish the chanel would've looked like, but at like 1,000% less $ :D

  2. WOW, I didn't realized that Revealed was that gorgeous!

  3. These are all very pretty Spring shades. I can skip them all since I probably have dupes to them all.

  4. Sheer Disguise is very pretty! Thanks for these great swatches :)

  5. These are nice, but don't really do anything for me. I don't have the skin tone to pull off pastels. I already have China Glaze Channelesque, so I don't need Give Me a Hint, which is the only one that appealed to me. :-)

  6. Which China Glaze did you compare Give Me a Hint to, Below Deck or Channelesque?

  7. Vedra~I'm sorry, I just updated the wording. That's Below Deck. Here's a comp. I did a while back showing Below Deck and Channelesque if you're interested. http://www.body-soulbeauty.com/2010/09/china-glaze-channelesque-returns.html

  8. I need so many colors, thank God Color Club's are cheap. Thanks for the wonderful swatches. :)

  9. Kellie~they're pretty close, and the CC actually seems to have a smoother finish :)

    alluring_mum~when I saw that hidden shimmer in the bottle, I knew I'd love it! I like the tone of that peach shade also.

    Lucy~there are a couple that I don't think I have dupes for, but yes, several are pretty similar to others out there.

    AmyGrace~I just love that shade! It's such a subtle aqua, and that "dusty" element always appeals to me.

    whateveramber~I'm starting to like pastels, but I'm like you--I never think they look quite right on me. In fact, I've yet to swatch my ChG Up & Away set for that reason!

    Michelle~Color Club has a great range of colors and finishes. We always appreciate the price, agreed!

  10. I think I like Get A Clue from this set. Lovely shades! I tend to shy away from creme finishes....except for pastels it seems!

  11. kittypolishnbags~I like that it has that hint of lilac in it, makes it a little diffrent from your basic baby pink.

  12. Lovely colors (Revealed is really awesome), even if they give me the "I already have something really close" feeling.
    Sheer Disguise reminds me of Eyeko Rain.

  13. thanks a lot for the review and the pix, you've been very helpful!