Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl & Color Club Masquerading Comparison

When I posted the Keep It Under Cover set from Color Club's Spring 2011 Alter Ego collection a few days ago, one of my readers, BlushingNoir, commented that the shade Masquerading reminded her of Chanel Black Pearl. I hadn't thought about that when I swatched it, but after reading the comment I wanted to find out!

Here's a quick look at those two shades, and while they are somewhat similar, they're not dupes. I do think Masquerading might be a good base to start with though if someone wanted to try to franken a closer dupe to Black Pearl.


  1. aw thank you for doing the comparison (and the shout out! hehe) I think I like color club masquerading better!! Both are needed. ;)

  2. This is better than Black Pearl!

  3. I think for he price I'll go with the color club one.

  4. I'd buy the Color Club since it's much cheaper!
    They are pretty close.

  5. BlushingNoir~you're welcome! I'm glad you brought up the thought. They are both pretty shades.

    Cobra Bracelet~price not considered, I think if I had to choose, I'd pick Black Pearl too. But Masquerading is a nice alternative.

    Oyku~it's very pretty! Glad you like it :)

    Nina Patricia~huge price difference, and of course most people don't notice the differences like we do!

    Lucy~definitely the best alternative for the price. I may try to see if I can Franken something close to BP from Masquerading.

  6. Great comparison, thankn you! I will pick this up on my blog as a cheaper alternative...