Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wet n Wild New Fast Dry Hannah Pinktana

I lasted four whole days into the new year before I made my first purchase, so I'm pretty proud of myself~ha-ha! I saw a new floor display with the Wet n Wild new releases, and while it didn't have the 8 pan eye shadows, I did pick up some of the polishes and a couple of the 3 pan shadows. Here's a quick look at Hannah Pinktana...I just realized I bought a Hannah Montana namesake polish. Will the Justin Bieber polishes be my next purchase? I don't think so :)

Above & Below: Both of these photos were taken indoors near a window with no flash. I used 3--that's right, 3--coats and it still looks a little thin in the center area. Perhaps it would be better to use this over a lilac or lighter purple shade for the same effect but with less coats.

I'm on the fence about this polish for a couple of reasons. While I think it's a pretty shade, a delicate violet scattered with tiny holographic multi colored glitter, this is supposed to be a fast-dry polish. This did not dry quickly. At all. The formula is sheer and on the thick side, and has a jelly texture, very much like the formula of the Color Club Japanese Glitters. I didn't like the fact that I needed 3 coats, but it was starting to get gummy at the tips, so I didn't want to risk another coat.

On the plus side, they're only $1.99. The handle is a little shorter than average, as is the length of the bristles. It didn't cause me to have any problems with the application, but I wanted to mention that. The glitter is lovely, especially when it sparkles and changes color in the sunlight. I do like the finish and color--this polish/finish reminds me of the Milani Holographic 3D polishes. I also picked up the other holographic shade, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, and 4 others with various finishes. I'll have to play around with those shades to see if the "fast-dry" element works any better than it did on this one.

Have you seen this display yet? I'm going to keep stalking Walgreens because I really *need* those 8 pan eye shadows!


  1. I've only seen a nine-polish display at Meijer, and it didn't have this one in it. My Walgreens still had the WnW holiday display up, with one eyeshadow palette and two polishes left--sad.

  2. The name of this one makes me laugh! LOL! It's a pretty pink shade.

  3. Hey I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out here:

  4. Pretty glitters. The problem is I detest Miley Cyrus, so how could I wear this polish? Just as bad as Justin Bieber. Vomit!

  5. Nicole by OPI is actually doing a Justin Beiber collection

  6. KarenD~hopefully a larger display will show up for you. I'm glad I found the holiday display last month. It had 1 of each palette left, so I got there just in time. I wish they wouldn't be so elusive!

    kittypolishnbags~I didn't even read the name until I got home! It definitely made me laugh, and feel like a very, very old tween!

    1xellus1~it does look very nice, just a bit of a pain with the application!

    Antoszewskia~thank you for the award! I'm a little behind with my comments (again!), and I'll check it out :)

    Lucy~I know what you're saying, but some of these young pop stars do have some pretty shades named after them :)

    Bella Sugar Cosmetics~I know! I'm trying to resist that collection based on the name only, but they are pretty! May have to cave :)

  7. I bought this just as soon as I saw this post. I had OPI Jewels of India on and today I put a layer of Hannah Pinktana over it. GORGEOUS! If you have it try it!

  8. Allison~that does sound beautiful! I picked up a few more shades today :)