Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wet n Wild Fastdry Polishes-Some Swatches & Layering

Here are a couple of shades from the latest Wet n Wild polish release, the Fastdry line. Walgreens is offering 1/2 off of all Wet n Wild products this week, so now is a great time to pick some of these up! I don't notice these drying any faster than other polishes, but they do have a nice formula and a wide range of colors and finishes. These are starting to show up on a number of blogs, and some that I've enjoyed are Nouveau Cheap, who has a complete look at all of the shades here and here, while Scrangie did a great comparison of Gray's Anatomy to Lippmann's Wicked Game here.

Below: Orange is a juicy orange shimmer with gold and orange foil glitter. This is shown using 2 coats and I love the glitter in this one! I always have a bit of a problem differentiating some of the glitter types, but in my mind this looks somewhat like a glass-flecked glitter.

Below: Teal of Fortune has the same type of finish as Orange, foil-looking in the bottle, glass-flecked looking on the nail. This vivid teal shade with contrasting lighter teal glitter that has a blue/green flash, is also shown using 2 coats.

Below: Orange make a great layering shade because it adds an amber overlay that shifts across the nail with movement.

Below: Gray's Anatomy is a lavender/grey/olive shimmer with a gentle duo chrome. The first photo shows the more lavender tones under an Ott lamp, while the second photo shows more of the olive and grey under natural lighting. If we ever see the sun again, I think the duo chrome would come out a little more.

Below: The Gold & The Beautiful is also great for layering, shown here over Gray's Anatomy using one coat.

These are great polishes, and the .99 sale price makes them all the more desirable! I picked up a couple of other shades and as much as I like them, I may end up with a few more. The names are cute and all tied into T.V. shows, and from what I understand in reading Nouveau Cheap's blog, these are not LE shades.

Have you picked any of these up yet? Let us know if you have think there are some "must have" shades so we can add them to our collection!


  1. Looks pretty cool but we still don't have them here in Puerto Rico, im getting crazy!

  2. Teal of Fortune looks amazing!

  3. I picked up Gray's Anatomy and Party of 5 Glitters - but haven't tried them yet. I have Gray's Anatomy from the Pixel Perfect collex that came out Summer 2010 - and funny, they're very different colors.
    I also have 9021Orange from Pixel Perfect, but not from fastdry.... and I wonder how they compare, too.

  4. Haha! Gold & The Beautiful! Not bad!

  5. I really like the layering with Teal of Fortune and Orange- I never would of thought of that!

  6. Teal Of Fortune is really gorgeous. When you layered this with 9021 really looks fantastic. Might have to look for these.

  7. Thank you so much for the shout-out! I absolutely *love* what you did with layering these. I'm stealing these looks for my next few manis. lol. :D

  8. Hey!

    You've been given an award because of your amazing blog! :

    Congrats!! =)

  9. Love! I just picked up the Party of Five glitter and the fuschia colored one.. I can't wait to try them!!

  10. Still ahven't found these at my Walgreens!UUgghhh!

  11. LadyLuck27~Here's hoping they show up for you soon! There are some pretty shades and the price is the best thing about them!

    Phyrra~from a fellow teal lover, it is gorgeous!

    Satori~I don't think I picked up any from that first collection, but I'm very happy with these.

    kittypolishnbags~the names are cute, aren't they?

    Allison~love polishes that work as layering ones too. These are great!

    Lucy~Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by the layering looks these gave. I'll be trying them over different colors again.

    G.~you are a fountain of very useful info., happy to shout you out! You'll love the layering of these.

    evakke~thanks so much! I'll check it out :) And once again, I'm terribly behind on my comment answers.

    Morgan~they're all lovely. Love WnW!

    Jackie S.~I'm hoping you found them by now :)

  12. @Mary I got 3 of those, including, Teal of fortune and Saved by the blue! Looks great I wanna get the others also :)