Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zoya's Intimate Collection-Spring 2011

The Spring Collections are all looking gorgeous, aren't they? Here's a quick look at Zoya's Intimate Collection for Spring 2011, and I believe these are scheduled for a March release. (edited and with thanks to reader johnpgal--Jaunuary 15 is the release date!). What do you think? I love them, and am especially looking forward to Gemma since the description below says duo chrome!

Zoya Intimate Collection a color romance... Temptations, whispers, dreams, secrets, illusions, liaisons, trysts... lingerie... kisses. Zoya Nail Polish presents six new, elegant, full coverage yet revealing, metallics and creams for Spring 2011 to rendezvous with. Zoya Intimate Collection:
Marley (ZP542) - lavender pink with a whisper of metallic
Dove (ZP541) - delicate, pale gray cream
Caitlin (ZP540) - misty, moody gray violet cream
Dannii (ZP537) - sparkling, enchanted orchid metallic
Jules (ZP538) - soft, glimmering gold kiss metallic
Gemma (ZP544) - mysterious green/purple duotone metallic


  1. Ohhh, Dannii and Gemma look really interesting!! I can't wait to see what these are like!

  2. I'd be looking forward...but the Zoya duochromes are kind of hit or miss. Ki is a definite hit, and the Reverie colors are all actual duochromes; but some of their others are duochrome-in-name-only.

    I'm initially liking Caitlin, Jules, and Gemma.

  3. Mary,
    I saw swatches of these on Scrangie and Vampy Varnish. Apparently they are to be released January 15.

  4. I love the looks of a lot of these polishes... I think I like Dannii the best!

  5. Gemma is the star in this party! Thanks for the update!

  6. Gemma, Gemma, Gemma!!!
    However, I was surprised to note that I really liked ALL of these- and I usually loathe pastels- but these are different...Zoya hits another one out of the park!

  7. Laynie~aren't they Spring-y and beautiful? Such a delicate color palette.

    LiAnn~you're right, they don't make really strong duo chromes, but a duo chrome is a duo chrome and I'll take it!

    Nail Polish Junkie~I'm with you! All beautiful.

    johnpgal~thanks for the correction, I updated! Glad they'll be available sooner than I thought.

    liquoredonlacquer~I just checked the calendar...pretty soon they'll be ours!

    Antoszewski~it sounds like everyone's loving this collection right along with us!

    maisenzasmalto~I agree! Such great shades :)

    Jennifer Leigh~I think that one's going to be popular too. I want them now!

    Jackie~I think so too, but the more I look at the picture, the more the others are appealing to me almost as much.

    ReaderRita~I totally agree with you. Pastels are nice on other peole, but I'm not particularly fond of them on me. However, this collection seems different enough to work and make me very happy :)

    Lucy~good choices! Any of them are good choices~ha-ha!