Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rite-Aid Haul: Possible New Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's, Oke-Doke, Jesse's Girl

I've been stalking my local Rite-Aid looking for the new Jesse's Girl and Oke-Doke polishes without any luck, and while I was out of town this morning I found another Rite-Aid that was nicely stocked! They had piles of very large but unopened boxes that were marked Maybelline, L'Oreal, and Sally Hansen--you know I wanted to tear those open to see if the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Spring polishes were in there! I apologize in advance for my bad cell phone pictures of the displays. I've had this phone for a year now, so maybe it's time to pull out the instruction book and learn how to operate the camera properly!

Above & Below: Can anyone verify if this is a new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri selection? I picked up 2 creme shades, a deep dusty carnation pink (Rose Run), and a taupe shade (Slick Slate). There's also a silver, a deep blue, and a pink based red, all shimmers.

Below: Finally, my quest has ended! The new Jesse's Girl display holds 16 shades with a mix of finishes. These retail for $2.99 and come in a .35 fl. oz. bottle.

Below: Here are the shades I chose: L-R Top-Spring Break (lilac creme), Fire Fly (iridescent off-white with light-reflecting glitter), Riff-Raff (rich brown shimmer). L-R Bottom-Confetti (iridescent blue/purple with possible duo chrome), Glee (gorgeous teal-y turquoise with gold iridescent glitter), JulieG (peach creme).

Below: The Oke-Doke display holds 6 shades and these .33 fl. oz. bottles retail for $1.99.

Below: I picked up (l-r) Steal This Teal (dusty teal shimmer), Camo Loco (olive shimmer), and Pink This (dusty salmon pink shimmer).

Below: I've never heard of this brand, Starry, but for $1.99 each, the 5 pan powder eye shadows looked very pigmented, and they had a nice range of colors. My hope is that they'll perform as nicely as Wet n Wild shadows, but I'll find out when I use them.

Below: These are the ones I picked up. The colors are gorgeous, so if they don't work well as eye shadows, I'll just use them to make some polishes.

I feel better now that I've gotten my drug store fix for the week! Have you picked up any of these products yet? Let us know what you think!


  1. Nice haul! Sadly the nearest Rite Aid is 2 hours away :(

    - Tara
    Beneath the

  2. Looks awesome, thanks for the heads up! Look like "oke doke" is taking a style cue from "Toki Doki"

  3. Those colors look really pretty :)

    I wish I had a Rite Aid near me so I can try Jessie's Girl!

  4. I just tried the Oke Dokes today, THEYRE AMAZING!

  5. We haven't these shops in France..
    All look great!
    Can't wait to see the eyeshadow on you!

  6. I just saw that display for SH ID this week, too. To me, it appears to be a mix of some previously released colors plus some new ones. I recognized Co-Bolt Blue as new and I bought it. Silver Screen came out in the fall which I bought then and the red one in summer? (I didn't buy the red one.) Not sure about the other colors.

    Looks like you've got a good buyer at the local store.

  7. This looks awesome! I wanna see those eyeshadow swatches!

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I don't have Rite-Aids here! This post has mademe want to visit my local CVS, which is what I'm going to do after commenting here!

  9. These are awesome! No Rite Aids in my area :(

  10. I've never seen any Oke Dokey's. Like that green polish. It's hit or miss with all of these drug stores. I'll have to look for those Sally Hansen's.

  11. Why, oh why aren't there Rite-Aids near me???!!!
    LOVE the Oke Dokey colors. WANT! Sigh.
    The eyeshadow palettes are set up the way old Cargo palettes were- I wonder if there's a shared manufacturer? BTW, are the shadows themselves made in China? I have BAD reactions to them, so I have to read labels ├╝ber carefully...

  12. I guess I have to go back to Rite Aid and pick up some of those Oke Dokes. I did see them but passed on them, but now Rachel has me curious!

  13. Oke-Doke looks really punk & cute, like another brand except that other brand isn't specialized in nail polish.

    And the eyeshadow palettes remind me of a more colorful and younger Estee Lauder.

  14. Tara~that's how I feel about CVS! Love drug store shopping.

    Jackie S.~I'm curious if they make other polishes too. I'll have to see if I can find any more out about the company.

    Allison~This collection has some nice shades and I hope they'll be adding more.

    Rachel Marie~good to hear! I need to try mine out.

    rock-or-not~I am so far behind on swatching and trying new things that I buy. Hmm, maybe I should go on a no buy until I catch up?!!

    DesertNails8~I need to go to this location more often, I guess! I thought some of those SHS shades looked familiar--hate when they mix the new in with the already released ones!

    LadyLuck27~let's hope they look as good out of the pan as they do in it :)

    kittypolishnbags~I love CVS, just don't have any too close by.

    rmcandlelight~I'm surprised how many don't have Rite Aids. They need to expand!

    Lucy~yes, they're new to Rite Aid this year. I don't know if they're exclusive to them or not, I've never heard of them until now.

    Floor / Marjolein~glad you like everything :)

    ReaderRita~sorry you have no Rite Aid. I like them better than my Walgreens because they seem to carry more unique lines and they get the popular lines in sooner. Sadly, yes, the palettes are made in China.

    Donna~I have heard good things about the formula, and the shades are pretty.

    Fay H.~I was really drawn to those palettes! The colors look beautiful.

  15. Picked up Oke.Dokes in Camo Loco & Purple Nurple (right now I'm wearing Purple Nurple with Wet n Wild Party of 5 Glitters & love it) and the Jesse's Girls in Firefly & Flirt.

    Only complaint about the Oke.Dokes is that because they shrink wrapped the top to line up with the bottle, they weren't fully closed and leaked some polish down into the screw top. Wasn't too bad with the purple, but the green was totally gunked up, so I lost quite a bit.

  16. PS: Firefly looks really great over Camo Loco.