Sunday, January 2, 2011

Revlon Heavenly Metal

I picked up a couple of products from the Revlon Heavenly Metal display at Walgreens, which I believe came out a month or two ago. One of these days, I'll have to figure out how to take larger photos with my phone! This collection consists of three nail polish shades, three Smoky Eye Crayons, six ColorStay Overtime Lip Glosses, and three baked eye shadow duos.

Above & Below: Copper Penny is a pale copper shade that's shown above with an Ott lamp, and below with no flash in natural lighting. I used 2 coats just to see if the color itself would build up from a golden copper to a more coppery shade, which is did not. One coat gave me perfect opaque coverage though. This shade actually has hints of silver, copper and gold, and here's an interesting, albeit useless observation: when I did my first swipe with nail polish remover, the copper/gold color came completely off, leaving a very much intact pure silver color. Copper Penny is filled with tiny crushed metallic flakes of silver and gold, which look very pretty against the subtle copper background. It's a brush stroke-free formula.

Below: I picked up the Jade/Onyx eye shadow duo, and the silver shade (left) had the slightest hint of green to it in the store. Once I used it though, it's a pure silver shade. Both shades are highly pigmented and have worn well without creasing or tiny glitter fallout.

Below: The silver shade is somewhat metallic, while the dark charcoal shade is filled with just the right amount of tiny multi colored glitter. I didn't notice the glitter in the store, so that was a pleasant surprise!

The two other nail polish shades are Silver Dollar and Gold Coin. Nouveau Cheap has a nice piece on her blog that covers this collection, so if you aren't already following her, you can check it out here. I'm inclined to think this is an LE collection, although the polish doesn't have the normal Limited Edition sticker on it.


  1. My girlfriend Linda just picked up the three polishes today at Walgreens. I'll have to send her back for that shadow. That's a gorgeous eye shadow duo.

  2. Thank you for the swatches! I was waiting to see some before purchasing the nail polishes... I can tell that they will not look good with my skin tone so its a pass. However, those eye shadows look very pretty!

  3. I like this one a lot, thanks for the peek :)

  4. Lucy~I've worn it several times now, and I love it!

    Tasha~I think coppery shade look less than stellar on my skin tone, so I know how you feel. This one's got just enough gold in it though for me. Love he e/s duo :)

    Jackie~glad you like it!