Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old School! Maybelline Express Finish Shades

It's still snowing here, so what better way to lift my winter of discontent mood than by swatching some Old School Maybelline shades! I still marvel at the opaque coverage that the original Express Finish line gives, and the beautiful shades and finishes. Some of these I purchased when they first came out, and a few of them were purchased over the last couple of years at Dollar Tree. For your spamming pleasure...

Above & Below: Bronze Beam (all photos are shown with an Ott lamp and under natural lighting with no flash, 2 coats) is a rich medium brown shade with tiny golden brown glitter.

Below: Blackened Maroon, a charcoal-based deep wine shimmer.

Below: Purple Aluminum is more of a denim blue shade than purple. This metallic shimmer base is highlighted by tiny silver glitter.

Below: Matte Galaxy, a delicate champagne beige micro shimmer, dries to a matte finish. The last photo of this shade shows it with a clear top coat, enhancing the shimmer.

Below: Pink Stars is a "glitter" Express Finish, and considering the amount of glitter in this one, the finish remains smooth as glass. This is a ruddy carnation pink shade with matching foil glitter.


  1. these are all really awesome shades!!! :)) even if the brushstrokes can be visible!

  2. I got some Aluminum ones a while back. I ended up liking the Bronze one a lot. Never saw the glitter ones but you bet I'd grab those if I saw them!

  3. Just an FYI for the Gold Cap Maybelline collectors: Rock Diva and Blackened Maroon are identical shades.

    Ask me how I know!

  4. Purple Aluminum looks awesome! :D

  5. Bronze Beam was my favorite until I got to the end, then woohoo Pink Stars!!! I hope these turn up at the Dollar Tree, I'll go nuts! lol

    These old school posts are my favorites. Thank you Mary!

  6. I LOVE Bronze Beam! Pink Stars is lovely too, but that brown and kills me. ;)

  7. Just love these Maybelline's! I was getting them at the Dollar Store. They aren't getting any lately. Nothing!

  8. Jamie K.~yep, some were a little brush-strokey! But I agree, still awesome!

    kittypolishnbags~the glitters are very pigmented! Love the bronze one.

    Paillette~tell us! How do you know?!! :)

    Susy~it is gorgeous and I don't mind that it's really not purple!

    Donna~I'm glad you enjoy the Old School posts! They're my personal favorites. I need to go to Dollar Tree to see if anything new has surfaced. Mine's not the best at getting in the good stuff.

    Zara~I adore Bronze Beam too. It's got such depth in the color and finish.

    Lucy~mine had quite a few at one time, but like yours, mine's been very boring lately. Nothing! I haven't been in a few weeks, so maybe they have something more exciting again.