Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Misa 9 to 5:00 Spring 2011 Collection

Misa posted this image today on their Facebook page of their Spring 2011 Collection, 9 to 5:00. I'll have to see some swatches, but I do like a couple of them, particularly the 2 grey shades at the bottom. I adore Misa's formula and they've come out with some beautiful shades over the years, so I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed in this color palette.


  1. I love how it says "for colorful people" but these are anything but colorful!

  2. I wonder if they named it 9 to 5 for work apporpriate themed colors?

  3. kitty, that's what I'm thinking because these all look office appropriate. Too bad they didn't have a second collection of wild colors called "After hours", "Time to unwind", or "Weekend", or something like that.

  4. I am a 100% fan of Misa: Formula, application, wear and colors.

    I would purge every neutral I own and replace it with these!

    Of course if I ever really purged much of anything! :D lol!

  5. I like most of the colors! :D I think I need this collection! It's so appropriate for work. :)

  6. I have a lot of friends who work in conservative offices who have been complaining that recent nail launches do not have enough colors that are good to wear to work. I think that it's great that Misa is putting out some colors that are edgy, yet work appropriate.

  7. I also wish there were two collections. I guess this collection is needed. I'd like to see these swatched before I pass judgement on any of them.

  8. you nailed it~the collection name and polish names are cute, agreed!

    Laura~that's their tag line for their name, but it is kind of funny next to this particular collection :)

    kittypolishnbags~I'm quite certain that that's the theme, yes. Cute theme.

    Donna~that'a great idea! This is a good collection, I just wanted a little more color for myself :)

    Paillette~I absolutely adore Misa's formula. I do like these shades, and I know I'll pick some of them up even though I imagine I have some similar colors, but these will have a better formula than others I have in the same/similar color.

    fuwari~very work-appropriate, no doubt :)

    anonymous~you're quite right, and I do think it's a little edgy like you said, though conservative. I'm sure this entire collection will be very appealing to those who are looking for office-appropriate shades, and I do like the grey shades myself.

    Lucy~it's a smart idea for a collection, I just get excited to see Misa collections because they don't do a lot of them like some companies, and they've had some totally unique shades over the years. This is conservative, but yes, something needed like you say. They'll come out with something else more colorful down the road, I have no doubt.

  9. oohhh I love this collection! sometimes you're just in the mood for nude colors and taupe and grey shades or when you can't wear bright purples and turquoises at work, these will do nicely!
    ah I can't wait for swatches! they look so elegant!

  10. Caitlyn~nothing wrong with nudes, and I do like the looks of the greys. I think I probably have dupes to many of these, but I'm with you, we need swatches. There aren't too many formulas that are better than Misa.