Thursday, January 20, 2011

Misa 9-5 Collection Spring 2011 Swatches

Are you ready for a rainbow of muted neutrals? Misa's 9-5 Spring 2011 Collection contains shades that are designed to be office-safe in color, but they're also appealing to those of us who like a little more color, because I found Office Polish-tics and Coffee Pick Me Up to be both unique and eye-catching. Take a look, and disregard the sorry state of my winter-wracked hands and cuticles! Each shade is shown first with an Ott lamp, and second under my bathroom lighting with no flash.

Above & Below: Blush Hour is a very pale pink creme shade that in my opinion, is probably the least unique of the collection. On the plus side, if you're looking for a shade like this with great coverage in two coats, this would be a great choice.

Below: Pay Days Are Happy Days, a light taupe creme, is very close to Paint My Nails @ Work. The extremely slight difference is that this shade is more tan or khaki based, while Paint My Nails @ Work is a more grey-based taupe.

Below: Paint My Nails @ Work is as I stated above, a grey-based medium taupe creme. I love the name of this shade--raise your hand if you have ever painted your nails at work? o/

Below: Working Hard or Hardly Working is a medium to lighter grey shade that has an ever-so-slight blue cast to it.

Below: Coffee Pick Me Up a muted plum color, is a near-China Glaze Channelesque shade that looks significantly more like a dark taupe shade in lower lighting.

Below: Office Polish-tics applies darker than it looks in the bottle, and is a smoky deep cadet blue shade. In lower lighting, the charcoal hues are more evident.

All in all, a very nice collection from Misa even though it doesn't contain anything over the top color-wise. I didn't expect to like all of these as much as I do, and part of that goes to the fact that even if I have a dupe to some of these shades, the Misa formula is likely superior to it, no matter what the other brand is. There are thicker polishes that never work well, thicker polishes that a little thinner can cure, and thicker polishes that are Misa and work perfectly straight out of the bottle.

Some of these shades surprised me by how much their color changed in various lighting, particularly the last two. I can do some comparisons to other shades if you have a questions about how close any of these shades are to other brands, and we'll likely find some that are pretty close. But these are Misa's, so they're in a class of their own! These shades are all cremes, so I'm also looking forward to their second collection called Wishes, because it may offer a wider range of finishes. That is due to be released hopefully this week.

Do you have any favorites from this collection? How many of you have tried Misa and do you love the formula as much as I do?


  1. I am a huge fan of Misa but not these... Could they not have added some glass fleck? Something?

  2. I only have Dirty Sexy Money from Misa - I agree about the thick but great-to-use formula. I'll definitely be getting Office Polish-tics. I hope this will be available at etailers soon!

  3. Very pretty but...boring. I mean, I get that they're work colors, but none of them really appeal to me. Man I sound like a downer.

  4. These are all quite nice, though not that unique. I particularly like Office Polish-tics.

  5. Wow nice color! I like the grey and jeans-blue one!


  6. oh I love them! I need them all ...
    I own several misas, dirty sexy money, pour me something tall and strong, heavenly white, fashionista, a sin worth committing, marabou slides and some others I don't remember the names right now ... I like them, but I gotta say china glaze is my fave brand ;)) they have the best loveliest color range for my liking ;)
    but misa is great, too!
    ahhhh i need them all!

  7. ooh i wonder how the last one compares to macs blue india? pay days are happy days and paint my nails at work probably have alot of dupes too, but i love the looks of them. im thinking they might look like orly mirror mirror though? hmm

  8. I think I have to have Office Polish-tics!

  9. Office Polish-tics for the win!!

    Thanks for the beautiful swatches!

  10. o/ guilty!!!!!!
    Indeed very work appropriate, fortunately at my office they like my colorful nails so I can get away with every color. But I love everything Misa so I'll probably buy two or three of these

  11. Blush Hour intrigues me.

    Nice swatches!

  12. Maybe "Office Polish-tics", but the others are a bust for me :(

  13. I love Coffee Pick Me up. If you can find any dupes of these I'd really appreciate it. I'm trying not to buy polishes that are dupes or close to others I already have.

  14. See...I LOVE them all. I feel the fit the current weather/season. Must hunt these down

  15. Oh, three of them look very tempting! :))

  16. Well, it's a bit on the boring side for me, sadly. Although I'm in a grey mood lately, so the grey one is the winner for me. I'm not sure I'd buy it though, I have grey like that at home. But otherwise I love Misa and their formula. Toxic Seduction anyone? <3 Perfection in a bottle, I'd say. :)

  17. I've got the Office polish-tics and I love it ♥


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