Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Milani One Coat Glitter Swatches

Milani Cosmetics recently came out with a new line called One Coat Glitters, and I have three of them to show you today. Let me preface these photos by saying that they are much more sparkly than I was able to capture with my camera indoors. They dry to a finish that's not matte, but less than glossy. These are shown with no top coat under an Ott lamp and with no flash under normal household lighting.

Above & Below: Blue Flash is a turquoise blue shade with matching blue foil glitter that also reflects silver. The glitter is very condensed and tiny, and they truly are one-coaters! All of these have a clear base with a slight grey tint, which helps in giving them opaque coverage.

Below: Red Sparkle is aptly named, because this has got to be one of the sparkliest reds I've ever worn. Maybe they're just too sparkly for my camera to comprehend! This medium red shade with red foil glitter reflects some gold in various lighting.

Below: Silver Dazzle is a medium charcoal shade with silver foil glitter. This is my personal favorite and I'm disappointed that I can't show you their true sparkle overload, but believe me, these sparkle a lot!

I'll admit that I had my doubts about the "One Coat" description, but these do apply very well using just one coat. The formula is not very jelly-like as many glitters are, and while it's on the thicker side, it's very easy to work with. I put quite a bit on my brush, and I was surprised how quickly they dried. I would say they dry just a little slower than what I'm accustomed to. Their finish is just slightly gritty, but I've had much rougher finishes from many other glitters. I imagine a clear top coat would not only enhance the massive sparkle, but it would also smooth out the finish.

The One Coat Glitters also come in 2 additional shades, Purple Gleam and Gold Glitz. These are available at CVS stores and on the Milani web site here with a retail price of $4.99. Have you spotted these yet? If you picked any of them up, how do you like them?
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. These look really pretty!And if it's one coat it's just perfect!
    Thanks for swatching!

  2. Now that's a cool idea. And they actually look beautiful too. You did that part. :D

  3. I found them a couple weeks ago, before X-mas. I have silver dazzle (its gorgeous), and I need to go back and hunt down the red...so pretty!

  4. Beautiful!! I have the Silver Dazzle - which i used for my New Years Eve mani and I just got the Purple Gleam last week - and I can't wait to use it!! I really love all the colors - I am sure it will only be a matter of time until I snatch up the rest of the colors! :)

  5. I love all of these polishes so much.

  6. I picked up Silver Dazzle, Blue Flash and Purple Gleam - I thought they were the prettiest of the bunch and I really did NOT like the supposed "Happy Birthday" dupe or the gold jumbo glitter. So far I've only worn Silver Dazzle and I really love it. Very easy to work with, too. Usually I spend much more time cleaning up than applying, but I was able to keep this polish pretty much right where I wanted it. Thinking about a backup bottle, because I can see myself wearing this one quite often!

  7. Wow... That's impressive for one coat! It's impressive anyway... They're so pretty.

  8. Love the red! Love all glitters.

  9. Ria~yes, one coat! I was skeptical, but they really are. The formula is different--not bad different at all. It's as if it's dryer, yet it flows just as well, if that makes any sense!

    Kimberly~thank you! These are very pretty, and they remove pretty easily considering all of that glitter :)

    Jackie S.~hope you find the red, unbelievable sparkle. I just love Silver Dazzle, it's just beautiful.

    Morgan~the purple one looks like it would be really pretty too. What am I saying, they all look gorgeous!

    Phyrra~I don't know what it is about that one, but I absolutely love it. They're all pretty, but that one is especially so.

    kittypolishnbags~thank you! So sparkly :)

    Rachel Marie~yes, I'm really impressed not only with how they look, but how they applied.

    Courtney Graham Hipp~I think the thicker formula made for an easy application, you're right about the not flowing off of the nail. These are gorgeous and I do have the Gems multi colored one, but I'm with you--I think these are nicer for my taste.

    Jennifer Leigh~I so wish they would have photographed better! They are so much prettier in real life.

    Lucy~you would love these with all of the glitter. Do you have a CVS? Hopefully you can find some of them.

  10. I grabbed all of these when I saw them! I almost left the red behind, but it's turned out to be my favorite - so amazing! These do need more than one coat of topcoat (or one coat of a really thick topcoat), but it's so worth it because they then seriously sparkle. Love 'em!