Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finishing Up With Barielle 2010 Holiday Hustle

We've gotten over 14" of snow since last night, so the polish named Snow Day is appropriate for me today! Here's a look at the last four shades from Barielle's beautiful 2010 Holiday Hustle Collection.

Below: Elle's Spell was shown in a post yesterday as a layering polish over Coalest Day of the Year, and I wanted to show it to you on its own. I've also layered more with it in some of the photos below. I used 2 coats and hit the tips again after the first coat. The coverage is sheer, but I do like the jelly finish it has. This is not quite a pure red shade because it has the slightest hint of fuchsia--I'll call it a berry color, and of course the main selling point: flaky holographic glitter!

Below: Gelt Me To The Party is a unique twist on gold with an antique or burnished look to it. Described by Barielle as a copper bronze metallic, I see more gold and bronze than copper. I feared the dreaded brush stroke in this one and the ones below, but this metallic shimmer applied beautifully using 2 coats.

Below: Elle's Spell over the top of Gelt Me To The Party turns it into a rich burnt red shade that glows from within and is laced with gold and red flaky goodness.

Below: Wrap Me In Ribbon is a metallic raspberry with violet and copper pearl undertones, according to Barielle. The finish on this is much like Gelt Me To The Party, a metallic shimmer that's nearly brush stroke-free. Under an Ott lamp this shade appears to be more of a deep lilac hue. I noticed that it had more of a mauve tone while wearing it around the house under various artificial lighting, as you can see in the second photo. Again, 2 coats and a nice application.

Below: I layered Elle's Spell over Wrap Me In Ribbon and it produced a nice medium burgundy shade with the flaky glitter once again flashing gold.

Below: Snow Day is an ice blue metallic with silver undertones, and I would say that it's just slightly more blue than my photos show. This shade, with a similar finish to the two above, gave me a bit of concern because it was more brush-strokey on the first coat. After the second coat, it gave me a decent finish, although the strokes are a little more evident in this one.

Below: And again with Elle's Spell over the top! This layering combination gives you a deep violet color with a glow, and gold and fuchsia flakies.

This is a nicely done collection from Barielle, and the shades are not necessarily Holiday-specific, so they can easily be worn throughout the year. You can purchase Barielle polishes at Ulta stores and online at Their free shipping sale runs through tomorrow on their site, and they are offering their usual buy 2/get 1 free if you'd like to pick any of these shades up. You can search my Barielle label here for the rest of the shades in this collection, along with some of the other shades I've posted over the years.
*Products featured were furnished by Barielle's PR firm for review.


  1. Love it! I am particularly loving the snow day and Elle's Spell/Get me to the party combination. How clever! Thanks :)

  2. I wouldn't want to have to dig out your snow Mary! We're having snow here in New Jersey. Nowhere near your amount. I can't take all this cold weather. So glad I don't have to pay for heat in my apartment. I have Elle's Spells. I love it layered over the other polishes. Very pretty each one.

  3. Langdowns~that layering combination surprised me! I like it too :)

    Lucy~it's snowing again right now! Enough is enough :) Elle's Spell is definitely fun to layer with, and I actually like it on its own too.

  4. Blimey! Thats a lot of snow! The UK got a lot of snow also.
    These look so nice! I loved the xmas colours they did :) x