Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cosmetic Arts/Forsythe All the Trimmings & You Sleigh Me Swatches

A couple of months ago I showed you the new line from Forsythe (makers of Color Club & Massini) called Cosmetic Arts (here), which is only available at Fred Meyers stores. I'm told they will be expanding into other retail markets this year. One of my lovely readers, Amy, was kind enough to offer to pick up a couple of these gems for me! We exchanged matching rectangle bottles--she received some Massini polishes from me.

Below: Both of these shades are from the Winter/Holiday collection. All the Trimmings is a brighter olive green shimmer with purple glass-flecked glitter. I used 2 coats, touching up the lighter areas after applying the first coat. The ultra-sparkly glitter gives a subtle duo chrome flash of deep lavender, and while this shade is definitely sun-worthy, I was not about to venture out into the 24" of snow we've received over the past 24 hours!

Below: You Sleigh Me is a medium olive shade with a finish that I'll describe as a crushed metallic foil. I used 2 coats and had very even coverage with no brush strokes. The finish is similar to that found on the Orly Foil FX shades.

Thank you Amy! These are both typical Color Club-type formulas, very pigmented and a nice consistency for great application. I've always been impressed with all of the lines that Forsythe creates, and these are no exception. The Cosmetic Arts line needs to come to a store near me! These polishes have me thinking about what Color Club has in store for their Spring collection. I think they're one of the few companies that we haven't heard from yet.

Do you have a Fred Meyers store in your area? If so, have you picked anything up from this line?


  1. oooh they are both pretty and i am not just saying that because they are green lol

  2. Stunning! What states are the stores in? When I did a search on their site, I got a ton of Kroger stores, but no Fred Meyers. I read that Kroger acquired them...does anyone know if that means I can find this lovely at my local Kroger as well? *fingers crossed*

  3. Mary, those look gorgeous on you!! Yay, so glad you like them.

    @Michelle - We have Fred Meyers in Oregon, Washington and also Idaho, I think. I know they are owned by Kroger, but I haven't heard anybody on MUA mentioning that other Kroger brand stores have these polishes, unfortunately.

  4. Love both of those green polishes. Especially the foil polish. Love them. No Fred Myer stores around near me.

  5. Twenty-four inches!!! :O We've only had about an inch! I feel so bad for you!

    I just got All the Trimmings, Silver Belle (a silver foil/holo, whaaat!), and another Cosmetic Arts polish from the holiday collection that's a dupe for Gel-ous in a swap. I also went out and about and found a good compatible base color to use under All the Trimmings. :)

  6. Amy, I remember shopping Fred Meyer in Utah many many years ago. I wonder if they are still there too.

    I just wanted to mention that Forsythe also makes Funky Fingers polishes.

  7. peripatetic33~we love our greens! Glad you like them. Thank you for the nice card, by the way!

    Michelle L.~Amy answered you down below. Thanks Amy, I hope we can all have access to these soon!

    Amy~thank you, and I don't "like" them, I love them!

    Lucy~these are gorgeous and I sure hope they expand into both of our areas.

    Erin~we've gotten about 8 more inches of snow, ugh! Glad you were able to get some of these shades too, they're beautiful.

    Donna~that's right, I always forget about the Funky Fingers line. We don't have anywhere nearby that carries those, but from photos I've seen, there are some very unique (and some dupes!) shades in that line.

  8. we have them in our freddy's here in portland! LOVE THEM ALL! I just got a couple from the sort of pastel set you featured yesterday. found them at ross for $1.99! they're $5 each at the grocery store. although some of them from xmas collection (got a few of those too!) ended up on clearance for cheap!

    I posted about silver belle which is I think the most impressive polish from C.A. yet. Silver holo? Yes please! thanks for getting the word out! ;)