Monday, January 3, 2011

Barielle Has A Gorgeous Spring Collection!

Here's a picture posted by Teen Vogue Beauty Editor Eva Chen on her Twitter page that shows what Barielle has to offer for Spring. Now that is a beautiful Spring collection! Buddha-ful (the white shade) looks like a Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure type, and that light olive with a touch of pistachio and it! This collection is scheduled for a March 1 release. I can't wait :)


  1. Wow! I LOVE this collection!!!

  2. Oh gosh, I think I'll be buying every one of those. Even the yellow, and I hate yellows! :O

    Also, the special white polish also has a different cap. Maybe they're going to play with the layering suggestion like other brands right now?

    These darn Spring collections are going to make my wallet cry. (But my fingers will be very happy!)

  3. oh wow, these are gorgeous. Can't wait to get them!

  4. That green shade is gorgeous. Definitely want that one.

  5. Lovely collection
    I Loved the orange colour shade

  6. Niiiiice! I am probably going to have to get all of them :) I really can't wait for all these Spring Collections to be released!!

  7. The olive shimmer looks interesting and different! :)

  8. These are really pretty. Barielle is becoming a nail polish favorite of mine.

  9. kittypolishnbags~I do too! Some unique shades and very Spring-y colors. Can't wait.

    Antoszewskia~they're all pretty, and that top one will look gorgeous in the Summertime.

    Erin~I thought the same on the yellow, this one just might work for me. Very observant of you on the cap color issue!

    Jen~I agree, this is one I'm really looking forward too, along with several other collections. We're going to be broke :)

    Lucy~I don't know why we're always drawn to the greens...but it's lovely.

    Shaimaa~it's such a delicate orange/coral, very appropriate for Spring/Summer.

    Morgan~I know! Even though we're under a winter snow warning right now, these are making me very anxious to get!

    Jackie~I love greens, olives especially so I'm ready for these to become available. The shimmer does look pretty :)

    Jennifer Leigh~they make some great colors, no doubt. Loving this collection.

  10. These are wonderful! I love the fact that no polish companies seem to be rehashing the same old boring pastels for spring this year- it's about time they mixed stuff up! Yay! These are totally goreous!

  11. It's obviously past March 1st and these are not yet on the Barielle website. :(