Sunday, December 12, 2010

Color Changing Top Coat~Sheer Effects Gold Dust

A few weeks back I posted here about a polish from American Manicure called Bridal Veil that I'd ordered from Victoria Nail Supply. Today I used the one called Gold Dust, and it works even better--it's color-changing abilities are a little stronger than Bridal Veil. The product description of these 2 shades says: Use these shimmering top coats to gently highlight your American Manicure. Sheer Effects are translucent and reflects softly colored accents in direct light. These are somewhat similar to the concept of CND Effects, but retail for a bit less at $3.95 each.

Below: We're all pretty familiar with Revlon Perplex--in fact, lots of my fellow bloggers as well as myself posted this shade earlier today! Here's a look at Perplex with one coat of Gold Dust over it. This photo was taken with no flash indoors under natural lighting. It turns Perplex into a charcoal shade with a slight touch of olive. It also adds subtle green and gold micro shimmer.

Below: Under the same lighting, you can see that a reddish micro shimmer shows up when I move my hand to a different angle.

Below: This photo was taken under brighter lighting (Ott lamp), and hints of Perplex are more evident. It's more grey than purple with this top coat, and subtle gold shimmer shifts around the nail creating an interesting illusion that makes the base color look almost like a creme shade near the tips.

Below: With a flash, Perplex is starting to show its true color through the pale green and gold micro shimmer.
I'm going to leave this little gem of a top coat out on my desk so I can experiment with it some more over a variety of shades. For $3.95, I have to admit, I'm definitely getting my money's worth just for the element of surprise and the entertainment it's providing me with!


  1. That's really pretty. It really changes the original polish.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love polishes like this. I recently found Sally Hansen's Mist You in a two pack at the Dollar Tree (paired with a SH Nail Prisms, which was why I bought it!). I didn't expect to like Mist You, but it's an absolutely wonderful polish.

    It's like this- very much like the CND effects, and it's almost totally sheer except for the lavender shimmer. Lots of fun to play with, especially on colors you wouldn't expect to play well with it!

    I can't wait to see how you use this!

  3. I love these effects-type topcoats so much, they just open up a shiny, sparkly, multi-layered world of possibilities! :D My favourite is CND Teal Sparkle, but I really like how complex this one is. More please! :)