Thursday, December 16, 2010

1/2 Off Twilight Beauty Sale & Some Product Swatches!

Twilight Beauty is having a 1/2 off sale through December, so I thought I'd show you some of their products. I ordered several of products last summer, and they also sent me some products for review. Their NOX polishes are now priced at $3.49, and everything else is 1/2 off too. So if you're a Twilight fan (which I am not!) or just want to check out some of their products, now is the time.

Above: Here's what I'll be showing you today, and I've listed the current pricing-Twilight Reign Scented Body Mist ($9.00), Bella Color Palette ($14.00), Twilight Venom Lip Stain ($8.00), Twilight Venom Blush Lip Stain ($8.00), NOX Nail Polish in Citrus ($3.49. Their gift sets contain a lot of these products in one set, and those are currently priced at $28.00.

Above & Below: Citrus is a peachy pink tone that's lightly veiled with gold shimmer. As with all of the NOX polishes I've tried, 2 coats gives an opaque look and the formula is very nice--smooth and no streaking. These photos were taken with no flash and it tends to lean more toward the peach side. The last photo was taken with a flash, and it shows as a pinker shade in brighter lighting.

Below: Reign Body Mist (note: mine is copper in color, and I noticed the one on their web site is now showing as a blue color) comes in a 1.36 fl. oz. heavy plastic spray bottle. The formula is a gel, and it contains a small amount of glitter once applied. It looks like it would have a high sparkle factor on the skin, but it's not all that noticeable once applied. The scent has light notes of pure Vanilla.

Below: The Twilight Venom Lip Stains by DuWop (.10 fl. oz.) come in a blush shade (pale pink) and a deep crimson stain (darker red). Both of these products are also lip plumpers and I do believe I notice a little bit of plumping when I use them. They're slightly minty, but don't tingle too strongly at all. The Blush adds a very slight touch of color, while the Venom is a deep red shade. They are long-lasting and they don't dry my lips out, as I've noticed with some plumping products.

Below: Venom is on the left, while Blush is shown on the right. As you can see, Blush is subtle, but it does add some color in a very natural look. These are stains, and I generally add some clear gloss over the top. I don't notice Blush wearing away because it's more like a 'my lips but better' color enhancer. Venom lasts and lasts, noticeably! It's still obvious hours later.

Below: The Bella Color Palette contains 2-lip glosses, 2-eye shadows, and one blush. This palette is small, about the size of a credit card. Their palettes come in a variety of colors, and I'll warn you that Bella is very 'pale' in color! The products in this palette all apply nicely, but because they're so pale in contrast to my skin tone, it's hard to tell how well they wear because they don't show up much on me at all. They'd likely work better on someone with a lighter complexion, particularly the shadows and blush.

Below: These are the 2 glosses that are shown on the left side of the palette. As much as I scrubbed off the Venom Lip Stain swatch, it's still a little visible in the swatch on the right. Both shades of gloss have a high shine and nice wear, but they're quite sheer.

Below: Look closely, there is some color there! This photo shows the powdered products--the blush is (barely visible!) on the top, and the two eye shadows are in the middle and bottom positions.
If you've got any Twilight fans on your Christmas list, these are some great prices available now. I love their polishes, and while I think their make up is good quality, the shades in that palette are just too pale for my coloring. The lip stains work well both in color and the slight plumping effect that they give, and I have always enjoyed the light scent of Reign and its delicate sparkle. Their packaging is all nice if you like packaging--always a factor to me!
*Some of the products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. I am in love with the citrus nail polish!! :]

  2. I own a Twilight lipstick which is nicely pigmented. I also have the Lip Venom in Deep Crimson. I don't own any of the polishes. Stop trying to tempt me!

  3. How much did you pay for shipping? I wanna order some Twilight polish but I'm not sure if even being 50% off it will be worth it after the cost of S&H


  4. Dori-I paid $6.70 for 5 polishes according to my most recent invoice. I think they're in CA, and I believe you are too, so it may be less for you :)

  5. There's so many places having sales right now! I have to hide my credit card somewhere!

  6. Thanks Mary for getting back to me :) I appreciate it!

  7. Awesome, looks like I'll be placing another order :)