Monday, November 1, 2010

Zoya BOGO!

Zoya is having a buy one get one free sale! More information can be found on their blog here.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the sale. Their website it having some problems at the moment so I am trying it again later.

  2. Oh No, another sale?? I'm gonna be broke this month :)

  3. Gwen~you're welcome! Hope you got your order through! I'm sure they were swamped :)

    Jackie S.~I'm proud of myself! I didn't cave on these or the RBL's. One look at my untried stash was motivation enough for me to realize that I need to stop the madness :)

  4. After thinking long and hard, I decided to pass on this sale. I was bummed because they wouldn't let me combine the BOGO sale and my spoon credit. :-\

  5. Doesn't it just figure that I finally make a big order and it was 2 weeks ago before BOGO! I'm always too early.


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