Saturday, November 27, 2010

Updated Shoppe Page!

Just a quick note that I've updated my Shoppe page! You can view everything here. I didn't realize just how many extras I'd picked up over the last year from sales, CP's that once I purchase their items they don't respond back, etc., so I'm cleaning out! The Massini polishes are always available, but I still have more polishes and cosmetics to get added. I'm sorry that I'm not offering International shipping at this time on the Shoppe items. I've had a couple of instances lately where items from the Shoppe were reportedly not received, and rather than say "Oh well, I've got my receipt so it was shipped", I've refunded them because I felt bad about it. That gets expensive on my part, so I hope you understand.

On U.S. shipments I use delivery confirmation, and if you are interested in any items, send me an eMail ( with the items noted and your zip code, then I'll send you the shipping rate. PayPal is used for all transations. Each order through the end of the year will receive a random Massini polish as a free gift. I'll be adding more items in the coming weeks, so check back!