Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old School! Cover Girl Nail Slicks Chocolate Mint

I had the best of intentions today in planning to finish up the Essie Winter Collection, but you don't even want to hear about my day and the events that are to blame for that not happening! When all else fails and time is a rare commodity--reach for an old school polish to make everything better!

Above & Below: Cover Girl Nail Slicks in Chocolate Mint is a wonderful chocolate brown duo chrome with an intense flash of blue/green. I used two coats and enjoyed the vapors from this long discontinued polish very much :)

Below: In the shade, this becomes a creamy milk chocolate with very delicate shimmer.

Below: Macro Shot of the finish.
I can't think of anything to compare this shade with, but there are a couple of shades that do remind me of it in some ways. One is BB Couture's Coal Miner, and the other is MAC's Toast of the Town. I certainly wouldn't say any of them are dupes, but they do share some similar traits.

Here's hoping for a more productive and less hectic day tomorrow, so I can finally post the Essie's before they become "Old School"!


  1. That is a beautiful brown. Love those duochromes.

  2. I certainly don't wish any hectic or bad days on you, but my favorite posts are your old school polish posts. And I did laugh out loud about you enjoying the vapors! This is a great color, thanks for showing it to us.

  3. Pretty! It matches my makeup today :)

  4. it's a really nice color. I think i'm forgetting to polish my nails often... because i know i feel better when I polish them in a pretty polish.. but i'm just so tired/busy.. argh. what to do. you inspired to to just do them right now and not procrastinate..and fall asleep stressed. hope your days/weeks get better!

  5. This is one of my absolute favorite & treasured polishes. I bought it when it was first out and I'm so glad I did. I hardly ever wear it though, because I don't have backup of it and there is no good dupe.

  6. Wow I wish I had this polish. It looks exactly like my new eyeshadow that I am loving. It is Too Faced in the color Label Whore. Very same color! Love it!

  7. Jackie S.~thank you! I wish CG would come out with some new and unique shades.

    KarenD~yes, one of my favorite oldies, for sure!

    Lucy~you and me both! This is a favorite of mine.

    peripatetic33~I just love the color combination on this one.

    Donna~you know, I really enjoy the older polishes too. They tend to get forgotten about with so many new collections all of the time that I feel I *need* to post :)

    Twister~agreed. Always makes me hungry for mint chocolate anything!

    Phyrra~ha-ha, that's great!

    Pretty~aww, I know what you mean. When you finally gather enough energy to do them though, it always makes you feel happy that you did :)

    auroragyps~I feel the same way! Definitely not a dupe out there that I'm aware of.

    Anonymous~I don't know if I have that TF shadow, but now I'll have to look! Love my TF products, especially their shadows.

    Zara~glad you like it!

  8. Wow. This is such an amazingly unique shade! It looks great with your skin tone, but remember wear the color for the color...not the vapors! :)
    Seriously tho, this is a great shade. I was just thinking how awesome a dark brown polish with green or light blue shimmer would be.