Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nicole Bring on the Tinsel & Spark My Mistletoe

I spotted a couple of the Nicole by OPI holiday polishes at Meijer recently, but they were laying all by themselves on a shelf, so I'm not sure what type of display to tell you to look for! Bring on the Tinsel is filled with tiny multi colored glitter in a clear base. The silver, red, blue, and green glitter combine to remind me of Christmas lights, making this perfect for the holidays.

Above & Below: The top photo was taken outdoors, while the ones below were taken with an Ott lamp. I only used 2 coats and all in all, I'd say I had good coverage with a fairly even application. Three coats would be ideal, or it could easily be used as a top coat over another shade. Like many clear based glitters, the formula has a somewhat jelly texture, but it dried quickly.

Below: Before I removed Bring on the Tinsel, I added one quick coat of the other Nicole shade I picked up, Spark My Mistletoe. This is poor lighting, but if that look doesn't say Happy Holidays, I don't know what does!

Below: If you're wondering how the Nicole compares with another holiday favorite this year, China Glaze Party Hearty, here's a bottle comparison showing just how different they are. The Nicole is more blue with finer glitter, while the China Glaze has more green in it, as well as a variety of sizes and shapes for the glitter.

Below: Spark My Mistletoe is shown here using 2 coats over China Glaze Frosty. This primarily red glitter with secondary multi colored larger glitter seems to have a bit of a foil finish, making it another festive shade for the upcoming holidays.

Below: This shows two coats by itself, and I think when I use this the next time, I'll use it alone and go with 3 coats.

Below: In lower lighting, the multi colored glitter becomes more obvious.

Even though I'm not a fan of Nicole's bottle shape, I do think they come out with some beautiful shades, and these holiday polishes are a good example. Have you seen these in a display? I'm wondering if any of the other shades are worth hunting down! Let me know your thoughts if you've come across these yet.


  1. my thoughts are that party hearty is prettier and I'm so depressed cause it's sold out:(

  2. bring on the tinsel is nice. i wonder what these two would look like with party hearty layered on top..

  3. I realllly want Party Hearty...*sigh*

  4. Love these polishes. I only have 1 Nicole polish that I found at the Dollar Store. I'll have to pick these up.

  5. These holiday shades are killing me! I love them all!

  6. hmm i'm not diggen any of these. my wallet is safe!

  7. my leetle nails~Party Hearty is pretty, no doubt about it. I hope you'll be able to find it at some point!

    Amanda~that would be a major glitterfest! I'm sure it would be very blingy and beautiful though :) And probably not too fun to remove!

    Zara~you'll get it one day!

    Lucy~I suppose I could have lived without them, but I thought they were pretty too. :)

    kittypolishnbags~glad you enjoy them! I'll probably tire of them by Christmas, but for now, I'm loving them too.

    kelliegonzo~that's always a good feeling too! They're pretty, but not 'must haves'. Especially if you have some of the similarly holiday themed glitters that seem to be out in full force this year!