Friday, November 5, 2010

Missguided/Missfit Polish for UK Readers

I came across a UK brand called Missguided, which is from an online women's clothing/fashion store of the same name. They recently began offering polishes and currently have 6 shades available. They're available for £5.00 each, and also offer the set of three shown above for £10.00. It clearly states "nail polish is for UK customers only". That's too bad for those of us outside the UK, but understandable.

The individual polish shown above is called Missfit Black/Gold Nail Splash. It looks absolutely gorgeous if you click on the link and hover over it to enlarge the detail. The photo I posted does not do it justice, so look at it on the site and let me know what you think! Have any of my UK readers tried this shade yet? I'm curious if it's as beautiful in real life as it looks in the photo.


  1. I looooove those bottles! They look so cute :D the colour is gorgeous too.

  2. these look so awesome! I want these!

  3. The black/gold polish was recently a free gift with a magazine I purchased. I haven't tried it yet but it does look gorgeous. In fact it looks very similar to one of the new Dior polishes that has been released for Christmas.

  4. I have tried it.
    It's virtually a 1-coat polish and it's fabulous. So good that I have bought all 6 with a promo code. Highly recommended.

  5. Hopefully they will offer it to everyone eventually. It is lovely.


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