Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Four Shades from Finger Paints Winter Dreams Holiday 2010 Collection

Today I have the four shades I chose from the Finger Paints 2010 Holiday Collection, Winter Dreams. I used 2 coats in the photos, but I do believe Mulberry Madness (directly below) needed one more coat. The application went well and I had no issues with any of the formulas. A couple of them seemed slightly thick, but they applied just fine.

Below: Mulberry Madness is a perfect holiday red shade with loads of glitter. The foil glitter is primarily red, and flashes to a deep fuchsia glitter in brighter lighting. Both this shade and Winter Wishes dried to a slightly matte finish, so I used a top coat over them. Does this remind anyone else of a toned-down version of Massini's Slammin' Red?

Below: Winter Wishes is a new favorite of mine! This is much more pigmented than I thought it would be, and I initially planned to use this as a top coat over other polishes. It works fine all by itself though, and it's probably a little too pimented to use as a layering top coat. This pale gold glitter shade looks more silver in the bottle, but I love that it actually applies as more of a gold shade--a very delicate gold shade.

Below: Holly Good Time also surprised me with its level of pigmentation, especially for a glitter in an almost clear base. The abundant tiny glitter is colored in reds and golds. I am completely impressed with the coverage on this shade, not to mention its unique coloring. I also bought this one with the intention of using it as a top coat only, because I didn't think it would work well by itself. I guess I was wrong!

Below: That's not to say that the versatile Holly Good Time won't work as a top coat though. I used 2 thin coats over Winter Wishes, and I can only imagine how well it would perform over a darker shade to give it more contrast.

Below: Merry Mittens is much more conservative than the other 3 shades I chose, but it's pretty and a nice color for the holidays. This slightly burnt red shimmer has red and gold glitter mixed in, but the glitter is sparse in comparison to the others. Not a bad thing, but this one is definitely less complex than the others.

I passed on the other two shades, Mistletoe Mischief (green glitter) and Just Plum Fun (purple shimmer), but I'm very pleased with the shades I chose. Did you pick up anything from this collection?


  1. i LOVE all four of these colors they are adorable Holiday manicures I really like the winter wishes!

    great swatches! ♥

  2. merry mittens was the lone polish that came home with me. =)

  3. I haven't gotten the chance, but holly good time looks amazing!

  4. I got Winter Wishes and Holly Good Time. Winter Wishes has such a nice texture and coloring - it really has become a favorite of mine.

  5. Mulberry Madness looks great! I can`t buy these, they won`t ship acros teh ocean :S I`ll just drewl at other peoples swatches haha

  6. I picked a few, but I am totally in love with Winter Wishes and Holly Good Time ^-^!!

  7. Holly Good Times says holiday to me. They are all pretty shades. One of these days I'll have to try this brand.

  8. Hi Mary, did you have a hard time with Winter Wishes? It's very very thick and I was considering returning it. Was your bottle like this or do you think I got a bad one?

  9. liquoredonlacquer~love Winter Wishes, such an interesting color.

    LisaInFL~that was a good choice :) Subtle, yet still perfect for the holidays. I say subtle when compared to the others--it's actually quite sparkly and eye-catching though.

    my leetle nails~you know, in the bottle this almost looked more like Thanksgiving colors to me for some reason. But once it gets out of the bottle, it's very much a holiday shade.

    DesertNails8~I feel the same way! I really thought it sould be silver in a pale grey base, but I was totally surprised in a very good way by how it actually looks "on".

    Martje~they need to sell these overseas! Glad you enjoy looking at them though :)

    Arie~good picks! Finger Paints always seems to come out with a very nice holiday collection, year after year.

    Lucy~I think you'd be very happy with this brand. They have some great core colors too and are often on sale at Sally.

    Kristel~I had no issues with Winter Wishes at all. It did seem a bit on the thick side, but it still applied very well. I have read a few other reviews though and they mentioned the thickness and did say it was a bit problematic, so I', not sure if there was a "bad" batch, or what. It's such a great color though--have you considered adding thinner?

  10. These shades are so pretty! I may be able to snag a few on sale after Christmas.