Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Essie Winter 2010 Swatches

Below: Going Incognito, a medium tone forest green jelly finish creme shade with the slightest hint of blue. The closest shade I have to this is Orly's Enchanted Forest, but the Essie has just a touch of blue in it, which makes it different enough that if you love greens, you'll love this one!

Below: Luxedo is also a jelly finish, something I can't ever have enough of! This is a deep eggplant shade that although very dark, doesn't look black on the nail.

Below: Masquerade Belle is yes--another jelly finish! This vampy wine creme shade was the only one that caused me some problems during the application. The formula on this was a little thin and because I wasn't careful, I ended up with some pooling around the cuticle. Now that I know this, I'll use more caution the next time I use it.

Below: If you're only going to choose one from this collection, Smokin' Hot is my pick. I'm at a loss to accurately describe this shade--is it a charcoal brown/grey with a hint of mauve? Or is it a mauve with a hint of charcoal brown/grey? As you can see in the photos taken in full sun and shade, I do believe it's both!

Below: A pale mocha brown creme, Hot Coco is a familiar shade, but taupe shades are always welcome in my collection.

Below: Silken Cord adds a pop of color to this collection, and it's definitely not as seasonal as the others. This perfect coral red shade will work well for you throughout the year.

Essie has done a wonderful job with this collection--a range of fabulous creme shades, including 3 jelly finishes. These colors that work perfectly for the season and beyond. The application on all of them (note the slight problem I had with Masquerade Belle) was very good, and I used 2 coats in the photos. They're highly pigmented and very creamy, and if I had to award a prize for Best Application in A Polish, Silken Cord would walk away with that honor. Un. Believable.
What do you think about this collection? Let us know if you're planning to pick any of these shades up!

(Reminder: If you'd like to enter my monthly contest which includes a complete set of Essie Winter Collection and other Essie treatments, you can view details here. Contest ends 110/20/2010)


  1. omg i want them all now...except luxedo. i already have a few like those. but the others are ahhhh-mazing! :)

  2. These look oh so sweet!

  3. yes i reckon the touch of blue in going incognito puts in the i will have to have it category - wonder if Ulta will have a coupon out again soon

  4. Smokin' Hot and Going Incognito are the two that I really want. I'd be very happy with all of them if I win the contest! They all look gorgeous on you.

  5. Ok, it's official. I NEEEEED Smokin' Hot!

  6. Oh my goodness! *faints*

    I have just bought the entire Fall collection and I'm really, REALLY (I mean, REALLY!) attracted to the winter one, especially now that I have seen your pictures! Oh I'm dying :)

    Thank you for those swatches, when I buy them (errrr... when I have the money maybe? ;) ) I'll think about you :)

  7. I love this collection! I ordered a few the other day, but I will need to out and find Luxedo-that one is stunning!

  8. Hot Coco looks really nice! :D

  9. gorgeous polish colors! I like going incognito and silken cord :)


  10. going incognito and masquerade belle are so pretty!

  11. I really like all of these but the last. The last 2 aint my taste

  12. These are SO beautiful. I love Silken Cord! Well done Essie.


  13. Great swatches! I'm really looking forward to picking up some of this collection

  14. In addition to having a bit of blue, I think Going Incognito might be a bit lighter than Enchanted Forest...I don't have the Essie, though, so I'm not sure. I really, really like Smokin' Hot, but I think the whole collection is good.

  15. Lovely Addison~it's a great collection--a couple of dupe-y ones, but overall, very nice.

    kittypolishnbags~glad you like them!

    peripatetic33~I don't have an Ulta :( I sometimes see $5.00 off coupons in some of my magazines, I'll send it to you the next time I see one!

    Lucy~those are good choices! Good luck in the contest :)

    whateveramber~that one is pretty unique in my opinion, and I like the name :)

    nihrida~that is a must have! Just different enough than my other greens.

    Lolaa~thanks for thinking of me, ha-ha! You just reminded me that I never swatched my Fall ones--yikes!

    Brenda~I agree! Perfect assortment of shades.

    Polish'd Cindy~it's so dark, but you can still see some color, which I love! Very vampy.

    colorfulbottle~I like that one too, and it's so jelly/glossy. Very pretty.

    Malin~that one reminds me of something, but I've yet to figure out what! I do like it though, very much.

    Mia~of course I love Going Incognito, and Silken Cord, while similar to others I have, had such a perfect formula.

    Justine~I think that's probably the most popular one out of them all :)

    my leetle nails~Masquerade Belle is gorgeous, I just need to be more careful when I apply it next time!

    Twister~the last two are probably the 2 that are most dupe-y to something most of us probably already have, but I understand if those just aren't your type of shades :)

    Emily~well done Essie, agree!

    Alyse K.~it's a very nice collection and I think you'll be very happy with any from this collection.

    Zara~you're right, it is a bit lighter in additionn to being a tiny bit more blue. Smokin' Hot is a nice one!

  16. Masquerade Belle looks a lot like Chanel's Rouge Noir, maybe a bit browner. I've been looking for a nice alternative. I'll have to check this one out. :)