Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Nail Lacquers

I'm a little late posting these, and I really need to focus on some of the Fall collections that I'm getting behind on. Before I know it, I'll be posting them under my discontinued/hard to find label if I don't step up my swatching! Chanel's tribute collection for NY Fashion Week Fashion's Night Out includes three creme shades, all perfect for Fall.

Above & Below: Khaki Vert, the most sought after shade of the three, is a dusty green--not quite olive green, not quite mossy green. It's similar to Essie Sew Psyched, but not a dupe in my opinion. Each shade is shown indoors with a flash, and outdoors under cloudy skies with no flash.

Below: Khaki Brun, a brown-toned olive shade, was much more olive than brown, which surprised me because I was expecting it to be more of a brown shade. I actually like this one for what it is though, so I'm not disappointed.

Below: Khaki Rose is a darker taupe shade with the slightest pink tone to it. I'm getting quite a few taupe shades, so this one didn't particularly impress me color-wise, because I think there's probably something in my collection that's close. The other two shades seemed more unique to me.

I'm happy with all three of these shades, although as I mentioned, Khaki Rose doesn't seem as different to me as the other two shades. I'll have to check my taupe stash to see just how close it might be to something else. All of these were nearly opaque in one coat (I used 2 coats), and they all have a nice gloss to them. I've always liked Chanel's creme polishes for their formula, although I know some people feel otherwise. But for me, they apply like a dream--not that they're necessarily worth the price, but they are one of the few Chanel products that I can afford!


  1. Nice shades! I like khaki vert and khaki rose the most.

  2. Khaki Vert is nice, but...these colors are kind of boring to me. I know that they're not supposed to be wild and bright, but I don't know. Great swatches though, and they all go really well with your it weird that I notice that lol?

  3. Is khaki vert similar to Sew Psyched and Diddy Mow or quite a bit different?

  4. Khaki Brun is so ugly that becomes special...

  5. The Vert one is awesome:D

  6. Khaki Vert is beautiful! I like them all but that one is my favorite. Khaki Brun reminds me of RBL No More War. Love it. Khaki Rose looks like a dupe to something. I don't know what but it's pretty.

  7. Gorgeous, I wish I could justify buying these haha. Khaki Vert is amazing, I like Khaki Rose but I agree that it is not as unique.

  8. Martje~glad you like them too! I love earth tones, so this is a nice little collection.

    Aurora's Nails~they're not boring, they're 'earthy'! Ha-ha, I know what you mean though. Unusual not to have at least one with some color. And yes, I always notice skin tones and how certain colors work and others don't, so you're not alone in that :)

    peripatetic33~actually, Sew Psyched and Diddy Mow are very close to each other, but in my opinion, Khaki Vert is different from those two.

    Akuma Kanji~well, that's true I guess! It definitely is not a color that would be universally liked, I'd say.

    my leetle nails~I love that one too. I knew when I saw the promo pics that I would have to at least have that one!

    Lucy~it's my favorite too. I was really surprised by how olive Khaki Brun was. I don't have No More War. And yes, I agree about Khaki Rose, I feel like I've seen it somewhere before.

    Dee O.~happy you like them!

    JustMyNails~justify? What is that word you speak of?!! I try to justify some of my purchases, but who am I fooling?

  9. Rose reminds me of a slightly darker Barefoot in Barcelona. Very lovely nonetheless.