Monday, November 15, 2010

American Apparel NEW Bottle Pics!

I just heard back from American Apparel and she sent over this 'quick look' photo! Look at the third one in from the left *dies*!!! I should be receiving additional photos to share with you, but in the meantime, I just ordered the 4 shades highlighted in red below, because they're up and available on their site. Yes, I showed some restraint for a change! Here are the new color names, in no particular order:

Cameo Blue, Army Jacket, Echo Park, Mannequin, Rouge, Raccoon, Port, Make Up, MacArthur Park, Cocoa, Trenchcoat, African Violet.


  1. there are some real lookers in there! I like the fifth from the left and the fifth from the right!

  2. oooh lovely - and so many! I have a handful of AA polishes and have been very impressed with the quality/price.

  3. Naughty Mary! I may have placed an order and I may not have shown restraint. Thanks for the info on these.

  4. Nice! I'm liking the army green one, don't own such a shade yet :$ *blush* Interesting yellow as well! Although I would never wear that..

  5. Oooh, love the yellow and the third from the left. And a few others maybe... *whistles innocently*

  6. Hah, I should have read this before just commenting on the other post. Those all look lovely.

  7. I don't own any. So far I've shown restraint with these. They looks very interesting!

  8. so exciting that they got new colours! :)

  9. I like the 6th from the left and the first on the right. But I can't wait to see them in person. I wonder when they'll start showing up at the stores.

  10. ohh looking forward for the swatches..

  11. my leetle nails~they all look great to me, but I'm thinking (and my wallet's hoping!) that some are dupey. I'm going to wait until I see some swatches before ordering any more.

    Cali369~I really like the ones I have too. I like it better when they run sales, which isn't too often!

    KrisInPhilly~can't wait to see what you got...all of them?!!

    Iris~that green one really caught my eye! Love those type of shades.

    Arrianne~did you cave and order any?!

    whateveramber~no problem! Can't wait until swatches start showing up :)

    Lucy~I think you'd be impressed with these. Very nice quality on the formula.

    Justine~I really, really want to see them branch out into other finishes though! But yes, more colors are always appreciated.

    Kimberly~you'd think they'd be showing up, but I haven't seen/heard that they are yet.

    ThRiSzHa~me too. I may need to order more!


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