Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Does Essie Have Planned For Spring 2011?

With OPI recently sharing images of their Spring 2011 Texas Collection, and China Glaze Anchors Away Spring 2011 Collection promo pics and color wheels out for us to look at, I wondered if there were any hints as to what Essie had in store for us. I didn't find too much information on the subject, but I did come across this little mention on Pantone's web site from Essie Weingarten:

"Paris. It seems an obvious choice, as it is one of the historic centers of fashion, but there was a large move away from the influence of Paris in the ‘90s in favor of the sweeping globalism that transfigured the world. I think there has been an inevitable return to Paris. Paris means many things to many people, but for me, it is the city of feminine romance!

We are seeing Parisian sensibility in everything right now Рfashion, design, literature Рyou name it. In fact, my spring 2011 collection is heavily influenced by French glamour. This spring will blossom in shades of Antique Roses, Pretty Beiges and Alluring Blues. Metallics, once seen as d̩class̩, are again becoming de rigueur. Fabulous yet subtle metallics and iridescents for spring are surprising twists on classics, yet still very demure and charming. Springtime is always the time for a beautiful breath of fresh air."

We'll have to wait and see what that all translates to, but the "Alluring Blues" and "iridescents" sound very promising to me!


  1. van gogh lived in paris for a while. van gogh painted starry night. essie made starry starry night. THEY SHOULD RE-RELEASE IT OMG

  2. Metallics...I hope for some gorgeous frosty beauties, a lot of people hate them but I really love them....

  3. I cant wait to see ! I hope they put out a resort collection like last year.. the fall collection was nice but not amazing...

  4. Antique roses and beiges sound boring...but some nice blues would be nice!

  5. I agree with Grace - they should totally re-release Starry Starry Night!!

    Anyway, this sounds lovely, I can't wait to see what Essie comes up with. They have been steering away from their sheer pinks/reds lately and coming out with some really awesome shades, so I'm excited for this!

  6. I'm excited with this news!