Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upcoming Sephora F & F: Don't Forget Your Codes!

Sephora's Friends & Family Event is coming up (10/22 - 11/3, code: FF2010 for 20% off)--or at least we all think it is! All the hype, wouldn't that be something if they didn't have one this year?!! Let's not think in those terms! Anyway, I wanted to remind you that if you're taking advantage of this sale, don't forget to use coupon codes to your order. You always get to choose 3 free samples, but there are also plenty of other freebies to be had.

Here's a link to help you pick out something free, just by using the code. Some of the freebies require purchase of something from the brand, but there are quite a few other items that are free with any order. You might find additional codes by Google searching or checking other coupon sites such as

**Edited: Jbrobeck commented that you can only use one code at a time. I call in my order and have been able to use more than one code, so I wanted to clarify that!


  1. um, I thought F&F was a code, and you can only use one code per order?

  2. They're definitely having it - I was just at Sephora yesterday, and the cashier was talking about it. :)

    jbro - It's usually a reusable code.

  3. I have to go on there and make out a list.