Monday, October 4, 2010

The NFL Now Sells Nail Polish!

While catching up on some reading, I spotted a recent article introducing a new line for women offered by the NFL. The line hosts a range of items which includes clothing, accessories, and spa kits with team-colored nail polish. I'm sure most of us already have all of the colors needed to match every NFL team, but I imagine they'll appeal to their marketing audience and likely be great selling products. Do those bottle shapes look a little familiar to anyone else?

Women who are fans of the Philadelphia Eagles will have a lot more choices in the way of team apparel and items this fall. This Monday the NFL launched a $10 million marketing campaignwith television commercials and a new website at The NFL has thousands of new products including jeans with logos on back pockets, flip-flops and yoga mats for women.

Women comprise about 44% of NFL fans and it appears the league wants to tap into that market. According to league vice-president of apparel Tracey Bleczinski, the league’s women apparel business has doubled since 2004 and is about one-fourth the size of the men’s apparel business. The NFL declined to release specific sales figures.

Some items featured on the new website include a slit-neck hooded t-shirt (retail: $44.99) paired with a purse made of recycled license plates featuring a team logo (retail: $149.99). The tag line reads: “Who says football isn’t pretty”.

The NFL has created spa gift bags with natural brown sugar scrub, Mediterranean Sea salts and goat's milk and honey lotion with team logos. Those bags come with team-spirited nail polish. (Retail: $44.99)

The NFL will sell more products with existing partners J.C. Penney Co., Kohl's Corp. and Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. this year, and feature its wares on in mid-October.

Based on the significant financial investment in the marketing campaign and the number of new products developed, it appears that the NFL views the women’s market as a significant opportunity for growth.


  1. PITTSBURGH STEELER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well it's about time!!! I wrote on my blog about my search for the perfect steeler gold nail polish. I thought I finally found it, but now I wonder... could this be it? How fun is this set?!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. The only thing I would like is the green polish to match the Eagles. I don't watch football but I love green polish. Philadelphia Eagles polish would be perfect for me. Love green and I live in New Jersey. Interesting items.

  4. Interesting, I wonder how long it will last??

  5. mary! i don't get to comment enough,but i love your blog. keep doing great work! ;)

  6. *squints* Are those Color Club bottles?

  7. This seems kind of odd to me...then again, I'm not a football fan. :)

  8. Those look EXACTLY like diamond cosmetics bottles.

    Or am I mistaken???


  9. I've been doing my toes in a French polish of Burgundy and Gold every fall for 10 years. Now I can get "true" Redskins colors. Wonderful!