Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nailtini Stinger-An Interesting Duo Chrome

Last week I showed you a photo of a new polish collection from Nailtini that was designed by Janie Bryant, the costume designer from TV's Mad Men (view post here). I knew I needed to check out Stinger, so this is my first polish from Nailtini.

Below: I used two coats of this highly pigmented shade, and had no issues with the formula or application. I've been wearing this since yesterday morning with no top coat, and so far, so good on the wear. Stinger is described as an iridescent shimmering black, but it's got quite a bit more than that going on! It does have a black base, which acts as a vignette frame around the primarily deep teal shimmer that is at the center of the nail. These photos were taken outdoors under partly sunny skies.

Below: When shown in lower outdoor lighting, the shimmer becomes a little more green-toned and the black evens out across the background of the nail instead of staying focused at the edges.

Below: Back in a little more sun, the black shifts more to the sides again.

Below: What makes this an interesting shade, is that indoors is where the duo chrome seems to come to life. Most duo chromes do their best work in brighter lighting, but I'm not complaining! These photos were taken indoors with no flash. Purple and green are the most noticeable colors seen, but I spied some blue and teal in there too when wearing it around inside.

Below: Indoors with a flash.
You know I love all duo chromes, and this one is no exception. Nailtini polishes are themed after bar drinks, so maybe this is designed to become more active color-wise indoors under low bar/restaurant lighting, I don't know. I also picked up another shade from this latest release called Bourbon Satin, a rich brown hue.

I ordered mine last Friday and received them this past Friday, so a week from California is typical. I received a shipping notice within hours after placing my order, and they also included a free mini (.25 fl. oz.) of On the Rocks. These polishes are .5 fl. oz. and they come in a box. They are a little pricey at $14.00 each, but with the free mini, great customer service/shipping, and what seems like a quality polish, I'm more than satisfied with my experience.


  1. That is such a pretty polish, love how it looks different in every type of light!

  2. Gorgeous color and I think it's great that the duo chrome effect is visible indoors! :D

  3. Very pretty! I like that the duochrome shows up indoors.

  4. Very pretty! It reminds me of a beetle's wing or a raven's feather.

  5. Wow love this! What do you think about Shellac? I've been wanting to try it. Kori xoxo

  6. Woah, that is one brilliant duochrome! Interesting colours as well :).

  7. It reminds me of Borghese Stellare Notte. I got the same green/purple duochrome, and I love it! If you have that one would you mind doing a comparison?

    I thought I'd mention that you can get these at QVC too and save a couple of bucks since they go for $12 there. I'd probably just get one of the mini packs, since those average $5 a bottle- $25 for 5 packs, or $30 for 6 packs.

  8. ~JustMyNails-glad you like it! I like it when it seems a solid color, but it's even prettier when it starts changing colors.

    ~Annie-I know, I didn't think it was much of a duo chrome at first, but it's really gorgeous--especially indoors. Odd!

    ~Zara~isn't that different for it to show up better as a duo chrome indoors? I was surprised :)

    ~Phyrra~you're right, it has that iridescent shimmer/coating to it like that.

    ~Blondie-happy you like it! I think the gel polishes are great if you're looking to leave color on your nails for a length of time. I personally have the Gelish (by Harmony) system and love it. I'll admit I don't use it much because I need to be able to change colors a lot for my blog, but I use it on my toes and have done it once on my hands. From my understanding, there are some that are more damaging to nails because certain brands require you to 'rough up' the nail first and the removal on some can be a little harsh. That being said, my own research showed me that Shellac and Gelish are the least damaging...very little to none in my experience with Gelish.

    ~shazzii~it's a nice combination of colors that show up. I love the base color too, teal!

    ~whateveramber~thanks! It's really quite involved with all of the different looks/colors it gives off.

    ~Donna~thanks for the QVC info! I do have that Borghese, although it sits in my untried collection. I'll definitely do a comparison for you very soon :)

  9. Very pretty shade of polish. Duo chromes are amazing. I've seen them before on QVC but the price stopped me. I also had many polishes like them.

  10. Wow! They sale these at the Duane Reade Look Boutiques in NYC, and I bought this! It's a gorgeous color with lots of staying power. Your shots of it capture it's true color pretty well.

  11. I picked this one up, and I was so disappointed! The duochrome is hardly distinguishable on the nail. It looks way better in the bottle.