Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mini Review of Color Club Betwitching & Giveaway!

**Contest Is Now CLOSED**

I purchased the Color Club Bewitching mini set a while back from Victoria Nail Supply, and I was also furnished a set from Color Club. So what should I do with the extra set? Give it away, of course! Also included is Art Club's Bewitching Gems Carousel. It's a little late for the winner to use this year for Halloween, but some of the shades--particularly Hocus Pocus and Charmed I'm Sure--are not strictly Halloween colors. Bewitching is the perfect one-coat black creme, which is always nice to have on hand.

Below: These are the stickers that come with the Bewitching set, and they're fabulous! I have quite a few Halloween decals, and these are by far the cutest and most creative ones I've see.

Below: Still on the Halloween topic, I just finished making a massive quantity of candy-filled goodie bags for my daughter's school Halloween party tomorrow. And I'm pleased to report that I only ate one piece of candy while I was filling them!

I'll be baking cookies all afternoon for the party, so we'll see how many of those I manage to consume! If you'd like to enter for a chance to win the Color Club/Art Club set--and I'll even make the winner a skeletor goodie bag!--just leave your eMail below in the comments. If you're dressing up for Halloween or have any spooky plans, let us know that too!
Contest ends at 10/29/10 at midnight!
*Products for the giveaway were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm.


  1. Oh Mary, you're so generous! I'd love to win this giveaway!
    Name: Lynn
    Email: ltcorum[at]

    No plans for Halloween this year. I'm working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night unfortunately. But I am doing Halloween nails and wearing my pumpkin earrings!

  2. How lovely of you! I am not doing anything but handing out candy!

  3. We don't celebrate Halloween here :(
    But I am really in the mood for dress up,so I'll just paint my nails in Halloween-y theme (pumpkins, ghosts etc).

  4. Very nice prize :)

    my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com

  5. so cute!!! :D i love the mini set, but i can only hope to win it here! :)

    count me in!

    im gonna paint my nails in a bit and i guess i might be out clubbing with my bf or walk ard the streets with some flashing hairband that has horns on them LOL :P

  6. Ooh, nice goodie bags!

    My email is olofsson1986(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Oh, I would LOVE to win ;)
    my e-mail is orlica91[at]

  8. boo! thats so cool email

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  10. to enter the competition;

    We don`t "celebrate" halloween in my country. Too bad cause it really seems like a fun thing to do!! I am trying to get a little into an american style atm...trying to figure out a vacation away to your country next year!

  11. Lovee to win this gorgeous prize!

  12. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I have to attend! Not sure how I'll dress though....yet ;)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    ( [a]

  13. hi!
    i'd like to enter
    follower name: maRyya
    email: mar_yya[at]yahoo[dot]com

    thanks for the opportunity!

  14. god I love those stickers but can't seem to find them here in Sweden so I gladly enter the giveaway!!

  15. I love Halloween but here we don't really celebrate it :( Hopefully we well in future years because I like creating such makeup <3

    I'm following you through GFC and here's my email:

    vmelkic [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thanks! <3

  16. I'll be handing out candy and watching Hammer films from the 60s and 70s with friends.

    I am a follower of your blog via GFC. My email is kirby.monk (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!

  17. hi :) the stickers look like so much fun and i love the goodie bags. they're too cute!


    i'm going out tomorrow night, hopefully. i'll be belle from beauty and the beast. sunday i'll be doing my little cousins makeup and giving out candy :)

  18. Yay! I would love to win, the candy-filled goodie bags are super cute!!

    I adorned my nails and my house to celebrate Halloween :), and tonight is the day they show on abc tv "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"!!!.

    I am a follower

  19. I don't dress up, so just the kiddo and some friends do :)

  20. Hi, I'd love to enter! No real plans for Halloween other than scary movies and handing out candy. =)


  21. Awh how sweet of you to make all that, wonderful mother!

    please enter me,

  22. I'd love to enter your giveaway! My e-mail is ollekepolleke[at]hotmail[dot]com.

    I don't have plans for Halloween. We don't celebrate it in my country. It looks like a very fun thing to do though! And those candy-filled goodie bags look very nice! ^^

  23. Enter me, please!

    thifas blog(at ) gmail(dot ) com

    Preparations are at full speed! Halloween party at an old monastery on Saturday and terrifying little kids on Sunday! It'd be great :)

  24. The skeletor goodie bags looks so cute and creative. :)I have no plans for this Halloween, but my 17 years old daughter will do.

    Please enter me for this giveaway, thanks. :)


  25. Meow!

    I'm cat dot barts at gmail dot com.

  26. Oh that's such a cute goodiebag! I have no plans (it's not even celebrated here).

    lvcamblog [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. Very cute goody bags. I don't have any plans for Halloween but my birthday is Saturday so I'm excited about that. I love the colors of this set and the decals are super cute.

    twistergirl85 AT gmail DOT com

  28. Halloween isn't really something that people celebrate in Sweden so I would love to have some halloween decals for next year.

    anneliehansson88 at hotmail dot com

  29. cute decals ! :)

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

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  31. I would love to win the halloween color club set! :) How nice of you!

    Sadly, I have no plans for any outfits as we don't celebrate Halloween in Denmark (only the stores have adopted the theme, really). But I will be celebrating nail-wise with some orange nails and hopefully a handpainted theme if my nail pens arrive! :)

    email ~

  32. awesome little set!

    we're just going out for drinks, nothing fancy


    Nothing planned for Halloween, just handing out candy. Exciting stuff, I know.

  34. Ooh, I'd love to enter: a Skeletor set?! Beyond awesome! :) :) :)

    My email is My band is playing our favourite pub on Saturday where my friend is also having his birthday party and we're all dressing up as Discworld characters; my outfit's basically a sexy witch outfit, as it fits in with the Guild of "Seamstresses" :P

  35. Great giveaway! Enter me plesae!

  36. Tina
    Thanks and Have a great day!!!

  37. Great! :)

    Btw, I think I'll dress up like a 30s lady, as in the musical Chicago :)

  38. I'd love to enter! We don't celebrate Halloween here, but I might just dress up for fun because we are going to do some sort of scary movie night ;) I'm not sure what I'd pick yet, can't decide between a fairy and some sort of 'attacked by a monster' look..and they are so different :P


  39. I love halloween. Usually I have my costume planned out months in advance. This year was no exception. Only problem is that my family ran into some financial problems and I am now not able to be what I had hoped to be. I had my heart set on being the Toilet Fairy. Wings, toilet brush and a tool belt with various cleaning products hanging off of it was going to be me. Instead I have to settle for some fake vampire teeth caps and my make-up artist skills to make myself a pale gothy creature of the night.

    My email is punkpain[at]gmail[dot]com and FYI I want the skeleton!!

  40. Count me in since Halloween here is not a celebration and Halloween nail polish collections or sets are a lie.
    My mail is
    Thanks for this opportunity! ;)

  41. I love halloween! But nothing planned for it :/
    tineleao (at) hotmail (dot) com

  42. seriously... best goodie bags ever! so jealous!

    soco210 at yahoo dot com

  43. please enter me hermetic2003 at yahoo dot com

  44. Yah more nail polish! My collection is definitely growing!


    <33 Rena

  45. How fun! I bet the gift bags are awesome :)
    Thanks! Amy

  46. Great and funny giveaway!
    My email is abcnails123 at gmail dot com
    Thanks a lot!!!

  47. Great giveaway, happy halloween!
    Thanks! ^_^

  48. Hi,
    Enter me , please.
    I follow you via GFC under the name Camelia Andrasescu.
    My email
    Nice giveaway , thank you.

  49. I follow you through google friend connect: astraea1976

    email: astraea1976 at aol dot com

    For halloween... first I will try not to eat any candy and second I will be out ghost hunting with some friends. And as for a costume, I'm goth so according to my parents I am always wearing a "costume".

  50. usually we dont celebrate hallowen here, but i ll attend my friend private party with hallowen theme xD
    email me : ipehishere[at]gmail[dot]com
    thank you , Fingers crossed ♥

  51. Another great giveaway. Thank you so much for offering this.

    No big plans, here. We will do the usual... Watch movies and pass out candy to any little goblins who might bang on our door. Since that isn't likely, my son will then take the candy bowl into his lair and eat the contents. lol

    Have a happy Hallowe'en! *boo!*

  52. peripatetic33 google follower
    enter me please and thank you
    no costume for me this year but i am painting my nails alternating black and orange at the moment with LA Splash Abyss and Zoya Gwin

  53. I'm beginning to love Color Club polishes a lot :). Thank you for organising another giveaway!

    Following through gfc: shazzii
    Email: polishinfatuated at gmail dot com

  54. I won't be dressing up for Halloween but hopefully I'll be celebrating it at an amusement park! I need to figure out tickets STAT.

    I follow via GFC with my GMail address and can also be reached at extemter at hotmail dot com.

  55. Ooo, I'm excited about the skeleton goodie bag! LOL.

    I stopped dressing up years ago but I dressed up as a purple crayon for work today (at a preschool). :p

    I follow via GFC. My email is dchen22 [at] hotmail . com

  56. Halloween makes me excited!

    My email:

  57. Great giveaway!

    Not doing to much, this weekend will be my birthday weekend (its on sat). We will be watching lots of horror movies, hanging out with friends and ect. I'll be painting my nails a halloweeny color, zombie zest.

    The bags are cute. Thanks for this.

  58. Awww, so adorable!
    I'm going to a party Friday and Saturday nights :)
    sephyrra at gmail dot com

  59. The candy filled goody bags are amazing; eating only one piece of candy while making them is even more impressive. I admire and envy your willpower!


  60. Its so nice of you! i'm getting into halloween mood :)


  61. I'm still trying to decide a costume! I'm in college and my roommates and I may all go as Shots/Drinks (Bahama Mama, Dirty Girl Scout, etc!) :)


  62. Asian countries generally don't celebrate no plans lol, hopefully i'll wear MAC Bad Fairy on the nails :)

    thanks for your giveaway!

    tryme (dot) imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. Hi! Not sure if I'm too late for this as I'm on European time, but if not I'd love to enter too :)
    email: vedra(AT) (GFC follower, ID: vedra)

    We don't celebrate Halloween here, but that won't stop me from wearing ChG Zombie Zest out on Saturday! :)

  64. Just handing out candy this year!

    And eating only one candy while making bags? You certainly have more willpower than me. :)


  65. exciting - daisyq, katmq6[@]


    i'm dressing up as a garden gnome this year for the 2 parties i'm going to! should be fun :)

  67. Count me in! walkerjs7920(at)gmail(dot)com
    I'm dressing up as a Ninja Pirate Bunny this year. ☺

  68. Those skeleton goodie bags look adorable, it looks like it was a lot of work!

    I'm going to be a ladybug for Halloween :)

    dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

  69. I don't have any plans for Halloween, but i want to a corn maze. The world's largest corn maze is not too far from me.

    My email is rissachoy(at)gmail(dot)com

  70. I will be dressing up in a group costume as Ginger from Gilligan's Island, or more accurately The New Adventures of Gilligan cartoon to match the party theme of 1974.

  71. I need those decals, I keep seeing them on people and its killing me!

  72. Im joining your give away Mary they looks fantastic as always. My email add is I am your follower.

    I already visited my grandparents graveyard last week when I went home. This weekend I will just enjoy watching the kids in our village wearing those cute holloween costume.....

  73. Cute giveaway! I don't celebrate it over here in Oz but the colors are pretty just the same.
    GFC Millie
    snowleopard_al AT hotmail DOT com

  74. Thank you for the opportunity to win some wonderful goodies!

    dmj618 at gmail dot com

    I have no plans to dress up for Halloween right now, but could change my mind at the last minute. If I do I'd probably just use makeup to give myself a creepy mug, zombie maybe, and find some ratty clothes to go with that. That would be easy enough to pull off at the last minute.

  75. Aww, cute.



  76. We don't really celebrate Halloween in France, but I think I'll try to have a Halloween-esque manicure for that day, just because.

    I'd love to enter your giveaway, and wish you a great Halloween celebration!

    My email address is : ladyofthelaake (at)

  77. Nuts. Didn't get the e-mail update for your blog until 12:28 and now it's almost 5am. Still, first time I'm seeing a good pic of those nail decals and they are SO CUTE, I must get them. I especially like the round ones with one wing that look like they're saying, "What the heck am I supposed to do with only one wing!?"

    Thanks for the post.

  78. Happy Halloween

    Just handing out candy this year.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  79. No plans as of yet for this halloween :(

    Those goodie bags look great!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!


  80. Oh, wow those goodie bags are so cute! Yesterday I filled some sandwich bags that I 'decorated' with a sharpie , with candy for my mom's boyfriends son's Haloween party for his class, that is happening today. So tiring haha. What did you use for those bags? Again they are so cute hehe.

    My email is : KayKayMusume @ .

    Thanks for having this giveaway :D.

    Hmm , my plans? Well I am just gonna get comfy in my chair, have my comp at the ready , and watch Ghost Hunters Live. And then help my mom's boyfriend's son sort his candy when he gets back from Trick-or-Treating.

    Have a great Halloween~!

  81. I'm such a halloween lover, but we don't celebrate it here. All that happened was that a club had a couple halloween spiders and stuff when I went out yesterday. But thats all haha. I'd love to have some halloween polishes! I've seen pics of crazy halloween houses in the street of my family that live in the usa. would be great to see that some day

    my email: reneequekel(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Thank you!


  82. Cute goody bags! No cool Halloween plans for me....just work!

  83. I think I want the goodie bag more than the polish LOL :)

    I dressed up as a taekwondo black belt at work:)

    alesia60614 at (yahoo) *dot* com

  84. I love the goodie bags! so cute!

  85. wow great halloween goodies. I was about to dress up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland but my halloween party got cancelled as one of the rulers of my country passed away :(

  86. sorry. forgot to mention my id int he previous post


  87. Once again, very nice from you !!
    Thanks for counting me :)

  88. Very nice prize :)

    my email is

  89. Great giveaway!!:)
    Thank you so much.

  90. kathyteo @ yahoo . com

    Not dressing up but my work did a chili contest and some dressed up for the costume contest. We got ltos of creative ones this year!

  91. melantha.chimera at gmail dot com

    Dressing up as a witch (what else? :), but a sexy one. :) My son has his custom Tolkien-esque Elven outfit, complete with bow and sword, so here we come!


    Dressing up as a silent pink tutu girl with a masquerade face mask, eating out at an all you can eat buffet, and going to those haunted houses is what I'll be doing for Halloween! I am 18 but I may be going on trick on treating since I am so short and with the mask people can't tell! This mini set would be perfect, and I don't care if it's stickers are Halloween intended I will still wear them all year round!

  93. My email is

    Thank you!

  94. Please enter me, my email is fleurs dot nails at gmail dot com.

    Halloween isn't a tradition in my country, it's just sort of a trend that came to us from the USA in the past years. So I'm going to spend my Halloween snuggled up on my couch reading nail blogs and drinking tea:)

  95. we will be carving pumpkins in the morning and giving out candy at night =)

    i would like to be entered =) thank you.

  96. Very cute... I am dressing up as Snooki from the Jersey Shore for a party

  97. Thank you so much Mary. It's so generous and sweet of you. Plus a Skeltor goody bag! Does that come with cookies also? Just kidding! The bag are gorgeous! Your a wonderful Mom. The mini kit looks wonderful and the stickers. Thanks again.

  98. Just planning on taking the kids trick or treating. All that walking is good exercise before I pig out on all that candy.

    I follow on GFC

  99. I went to a Halloween party last week, so I have no fun Halloweeny plans other than to hand out candy. Which, honestly, I love doing! I'm still young and I guess I haven't gotten bored of it yet, haha.

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! I love those decals. They are just too cute. :D

  100. This looks like such a fun set! Thanks for the giveaway.

    I have to work tomorrow, but I've been sporting Halloween nails most of the month, did some for a co-worker today at lunch.
    I've got a batty headband I plan to wear all weekend long (wore it to work today too) and pass out candy Sunday night. Going to a corn maze with my hubby for date night...hoping to see some kids having Halloween fun while we're there. :)

  101. Not going to dress up but going to take my three year trick or treating. Hope she collects lots of candy for me!