Saturday, October 2, 2010

MAC Bad Fairy & Venomous Villains Haul

I received my MAC Venomous Villains order yesterday and it is all I'd hoped for! Bad Fairy was the only polish I opted for because the other 2 shades are very close dupes of 2 shades in the Orly Cosmic FX collection, which I already have.

Above & Below: Bad Fairy is a cranberry/gold glitter foil shade with a hint of pink. It's difficult to define color-wise, but these photos show the range of what this beauty transforms into under various lighting. The cranberry to gold duo chrome is only noticeable (at least to my eyes!) in lower lighting, for the most part.

Below: I had a difficult time narrowing down my choices, but this is what I decided on. Top row: She Who Dares Mineralized Shadow Duo, Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer, Dark Deed Lip Stick, Wrong Spell Lip Glass, Strange Potion Lip Glass. Bottom row: Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick.

Below: I'd love to see a nail polish that matches the green portion of the She Who Dares Mineralized Shadow Duo!

Below: A couple of quick swatches, top to bottom-French Quarter Greasepaint Stick, Wrong Spell Lip Glass, Dark Deed Lip Stick, Strange Potion Lip Glass.

Bad Fairy is a three-coater, but it's pretty enough that I don't mind that extra coat. I'm going to wear it the rest of the day to see if I can't coax a little more of the duo chrome out in various lighting, because I expected to see a little more than I did based on other photos I've seen. I'm curious as to what color name you would define this as. The only product I regretted not getting, was the Bite of an Apple blush. I caved though and ordered that yesterday. I love the shades of everything, particularly Dark Deed and Wrong Spell. This is my first Beauty Powder, so we'll see how I like that as an all-over shade and as a blush possibly.

Did you order anything from this collection? If so, tell us what you got and how you feel about it! Just don't give me any reason to order more from this collection!


  1. Pretty! This polish is on my wishlist as well :)

  2. I was only able to get the My Dark Magic mineralize eye shadow. Bad Fairy was all gone :(

  3. I ordered Wrong Spell & Hot House, as everything else I wanted was sold out when I was ordering online.

  4. Yay, venomous villains! I got all three lacquers because I wasn't able to get the ORLY polishes. I also bought She Who Dares mineralized eyeshadow, Briar Rose beauty powder, Violetta lipstick, Revenge is Sweet lipglass, Innocence, Beware! lipstick, and Strange Potion lipglass. I'm really enjoying most of the products! The eyeshadow is so pretty, but I find it hard to wear because it's so smoky. I use it as eyeliner now. (: And the beauty powder is so gorgeous! I think it works great as blush and eyeshadow. Thank you for the swatches! Love this blog. ^^

  5. Bite of an Apple is gorgeous! I was a little intimidated by it but took a chance and I love it more than Nars Orgasm. I even bought two. It looks great on fair skin tones. I also got She Who Dares but I'm thinking about taking it back because I don't know what to do with it =( I wanted to love it though. I also got Hot House and Strange Potion.

  6. That's a nice haul. I wasn't able to get those 2 polishes. Most of what I wanted was sold out. I bought Jade Dragon, 3 lipsticks, Sinister, Violetta & Heartless and Blush in Darkly My Dear. I wanted the mineral shadows but they were sold out.

  7. I bought bad fairy and mean and green since I can't get orly in canada. appears bite of an apple is a huge hit..i kind of want it but I Don't wear blush....but the hype is sucking me in

  8. I love this one ! What a wonderful color.

  9. Bad Fairy is awesome :)

    I blogged about it too! But I couldn't capture the gold/bronze color that you did.

  10. I really should have pulled the trigger on the polishes when I had the chance before they sold out... I am seriously regretting not getting Bad Fairy! It looks fabulous on you, Mary!

    That is a great haul, though! I think those shadow duos are to die for!


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