Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Old School Week: Orly Mistletoe & 2 Satin Hues

Here are a few of my Orly discontinued polishes, Mistletoe, a perfect holiday green shimmer with green foil glitter, and some shades from the Satin Hues line.

Above & Below: Mistletoe is an emerald green shimmer with green foil glitter. Look at the size of those bottles back in the day, a whopping .75 fl. oz.!

Below: The Satin Hues line has a satin-like finish, not matte, but with a little bit of gloss. This is called Satin Panache, and it's a light copper with copper and gold shimmer. There were quite a few polishes in this line, many still available on eBay. I was lucky enough to find these at a garage sale a couple of years ago for just a dime each!

Below: I love how plush these colors look together, like a piece of copper velvet.

Below: This one is called Satin Grace, but I'm not too fond of it for the simple fact that you're looking at 4 coats and it still needs more! I've used this pale gold shimmer as a layering polish, and I much prefer it that way over a darker shade.

I love the old polishes, I really do. They're fun to re-visit after getting buried by newer collections. Some of them take longer to dry and require more coats than the newer polishes, but you can't deny that the nostalgia is worth every extra coat! Some of my older polishes I've had since they came out, some I've gotten from eBay, garage sales or swaps--and I'll mention that I definitely think a big part of collecting polish is the thrill of the hunt. I've recently started going through some of my older polishes to see how many more I'd need to fulfill a complete collection, so I'm working on acquiring some of those now. I'm just one short of OPI's Summer 2003 collection, but I'm hoping to find A Day at the Peach within the next couple of months at a fairly reasonable price. And if I don't, I'll move on to filling in the gaps of another collection until the right time comes along.


  1. I love Old School week lol. These are cool! I really like Mistletoe

  2. Mistletoe is really gorgeous. Love the Orly Satins also. I'm really enjoying seeing these polishes. I missed so many good polishes. I had quit using polish for a very long time. Reading all the blogs started my love for polish all over again.

  3. I have Satin Grace from way back and I like to use a coat of it on top of dark colors, like red & green. Looks very cool.

  4. Mistletoe looks yummy! Nom nom nom!

  5. Mistletoe looks awesome, this makes me want to hunt down some older polishes.

  6. *drools over satin panache*

    Yay for Old School Week! Good luck finding Day at the Peach! :)

  7. Wow they're great!
    I really like to see some old polishes :D

  8. oh gosh, what a green