Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Sally Hansen LE XTreme Wears-Part II

Today I have the second half of the newest Sally Hansen LE XTreme Wear Collection to show you. If you'd like to see the first half, you can view those here. Like the previous five shades, I used 2 coats on these and was satisfied with the coverage.

Above & Below: Mystic Lilac is one I'd highly recommend if you're looking for something subtle with a twist of interesting. This delicate lilac shade with a hint of taupe has a sprinkling of light green glitter throughout, which makes for a unique combination. Depending on your lighting, it can look more lilac or more taupe with a touch of grey.

Below: Blue Icing is a little too frosty, but the shade itself is nice. Five of the shades in this collection have this type of glitter--small hexagons mixed with bar glitter, and the glitter is holographic.

Below: Purple Fiesta is a beautiful purple shimmer with the hexagon and bar glitter mixed in. The shimmer seems to have a bit of a glow to it. I didn't get the bar glitter to disperse very well on this one, although the others with similar glitter have worked well.

Below: Cherry Punch, a lighter red shade with yes, more hexagon and bar glitter! This one is a shimmer much like Purple Fiesta with a little glow action going on.

Below: Plum Burst applied much like the other creme in this collection, Concrete. This perfect plum shade has a near jelly finish and the formula was fantastic.

Sally Hansen did a great job with this collection, in my opinion. There's a variety of shades and finishes, although 50% of them have the hex/bar glitter combo. If you're not a fan of that type of finish, there are still some nice choices in the remaining five. The cremes are very high performers when it comes to the formula and application. My personal favorites are Concrete, Mystic Lilac, and Purple Gala.

Someone commented on yesterday's post that Purple Gala and Hard Candy Mr. Wrong are dupes, so I'm going to be swatching those two this afternoon to give you a look at their comparison. They certainly look similar in the bottle, so we'll find just how similar they really are!


  1. I do love this whole collection. Anything with glitter in it is fine with me. I like this half better than the first. Although Concrete is really special.

  2. Plum and that gorgeous lilac for me, please!

  3. This whole collection is amazing!! Purple fiesta looks so beautiful, just love it!

  4. I like the base colors of the first 4 but the glitter is too chunky for me, but Plum Burst is gorgeous!!!

  5. Mystic Lilac and Blue Icing are looking really nice to me.

  6. I love Blue icing and Plum Burst. I'm really gonna have to try to get those