Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Beauty Products From Payless

I received the Beauty Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2010 from Payless and wanted to show you some of the items that are available in-store beginning this month. The 2 product lines they're offering include a wide range of cosmetics including nail polish, lip glosses, eye/lip palettes, fragrance, and skin care. I've included pictures of their nail polish lines, as well as a couple of other cosmetic items I thought looked interesting. The Lookbook is 32 pages of products and while I don't have specific pricing yet, the wide range of products sound like they'll be reasonably priced and new shades and products will be released each season. (click photos to enlarge, then click again for zoom).

Payless® is well-known for democratizing fashion in footwear
& accessories by providing the latest on-trend looks at an
affordable price. We see beauty products as the latest fashion
accessory — items important for women to complete their
signature look & personal sense of style. With its Beauty
Collection, Payless is democratizing the newest trends again!
The line boasts nearly 100 items in all, featuring the latest colors,
shimmers & scents starting as low as $2.99 (and on average,
under $10 an item).

The Payless Beauty collections include signature fragrances,
lotions, creams & butters for body, hands & feet, as well as color
for eyes, lips, cheeks & nails. The collection will be refreshed
seasonally to keep the colors & shimmers fresh.

Unforgettable Moments™ is all about the
moments in life you’ll never forget. Your first
date. Your first kiss. These are moments that
are forever etched in your memory: moments
when you feel your finest, moments that
define who you are. With the range of items
in this line you’ll be ready for all of life’s
Unforgettable Moments.
The Unforgettable Moments™ items start at

Zoe&ZacNaturals is all about keeping the
glamour in beauty, while of course taking
the extra step to be sure it is good for you
and the environment! Be clean, be pure, and
always be beautiful. Zoe&Zac™ Naturals is
socially conscious, in harmony with nature,
never tested on animals, free of harmful
chemicals: Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,
and Phthalates. All packaging is recyclable
and is designed with minimal waste.
The Zoe&Zac™ Naturals items range from
$2.99 - $20.


  1. These are awesome! It's going to be hard for me to wait till I move back to try these.

  2. Wow! Ill have to check around for these. There are Payless stores everywhere in my city.

  3. wow, a lot of options...more than I thought there would be. I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for them.

  4. Another reason to visit payless :P

  5. Those polishes look interesting!

  6. I didn't think Payless carried anything but shoes and bags and other little accessories like socks, but not makeup and nail polish! I haven't been to Payless in ages!

  7. Whoa! That's really awesome :) Thanks for sharing

  8. These actually look very trendy. I checked my local PL but they didn't have them. But they ain't the only joint in this town.
    Thanks for posting some photos.

  9. I was a little disappointed in the nail polish, as the colors look a little generic to me (but that will probably change if I saw them in person). But the other makeup looks really pretty. Hopefully they get it in my area!

  10. Try it you will love it, the promise, the charm, tea and bamboo, all of them...omg payless knows what time

  11. I love it that they have an extensive naturals line by Zoe&Zac, now in my cosmetics and skin care I'm looking for paraben and sulfate free products!