Friday, September 10, 2010

Maybelline Fashion Week 2010 Swatches

Last week I showed you 2 shades from this collection, Chic Chocolate and Charming Cobalt, and here are the others from Maybelline's Fashion Week 2010 Collection. There are a couple of unique shades, and the others are probably similar to something I already have. It didn't help that some of the brushes had stray hairs (hence the mess on a few swatches!), but let's take a look.

Above: Gray-T Glamour is a favorite of mine from this collection and I'm sure the subtle green glitter that gently flashes against the grey has something to do with that.

Below: Pretty in Purple is a deep grape jelly shade filled with tiny multi colored glitter in shades of blue and purple.

Below: Grand in Green is an automatic win for me simply because it's green. I thought this was a creme, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see a very subtle sprinkling of pale blue/green glitter or shimmer that appears in brighter lighting.

Below: Berry Fancy and I got off on the wrong foot when I realized that a stray hair was making for a difficult application. This darker plum creme shade is not anything unique in my opinion.

Below: Divine Wine is a divine pain, or at least my bottle was! A stray hair, thin formula that pooled all over the place, and the fact that I used 3 coats and still have areas that are thin are reasons enough for me to give this unoriginal wine shade a thumbs down.

Maybelline needs to step up a little when it comes to their recent formulas and brush cuts, because it seems the last couple of collections that have come out have had erratic issues in these areas. I've always been fond of this brand, but I'm a little disappointed that these problems continue to appear. I do like several of these shades however, including Gray-T Glamour, Grand in Green, and Chic Chololate, which can be seen here. Other than those 3 shades, the others are nice for Fall, but certainly not anything that hasn't been offered before.


  1. I really Like Gray T Glamour, Pretty in Purple, and Grand In Green

  2. I like the first 3 too! I'm also really liking that you've organized a mini-recap at the end with the polish swatches! Great idea, Mary!

  3. OMG pretty in purple is amazing :)))

  4. Love Grand in Green. Anything green I'm all over it! I hate when the brushes are bad like that. Really makes it so difficult. They all look wonderful on you.

  5. Love the grey and green shades! I recently did my own mix of a grey nail polish! Check it out tomorrow when it's scheduled to post.
    House of Krystia

  6. I saw the green one, but thought it was just another dark green creme too, so I passed on it. I'll have to get it now, so I hope it's not sold out.

  7. I like the Gray-t Glamour and Pretty in Purple.

  8. I just bought Berry Fancy - love the color since I don't have anything like this in my small collection. You have me lemming pretty in purple now! Thanks for the review and pictures

  9. Mmm I have to check these ones from Maybelline.
    Gray T glamour and Pretty in purple are so beautiful!