Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maybelline Chic Chocolate & Charming Cobalt From The Fashion Week 2010 Collection

Yesterday I showed you the bottle pictures of Maybelline's Fashion Week 2010 Collection, and I've got two of the shades to share with you today. My preference is to swatch all of them, or at least half of them at a time, but with company in from out of town until yesterday, getting things ready for my daughter to go back to school in a few days, and Notre Dame Football in a few hours, this was the best I could do today!

Above & Below: Chic Chocolate is a rich blackened red shimmer that covered well using 2 coats. This vampy color has the type of shimmer that glows under brighter lighting (below with artificial light) and shifts across the nail in natural lighting (above) making it look darkened around the edges. I don't see too much chocolate in there, but it's a very pretty shade.

Below: Charming Cobalt, a deep navy or cobalt blue shimmer, needs rather bright lighting to bring out the shimmer. The first photo below was taken in direct sunlight, while the last photo was taken with artificial lighting. This one also shifts across the nail making it look more like a creme finish around the edges in lower lighting. I used 2 coats on this one as well.

These shades were both highly pigmented and were opaque with two coats. The brushes, while cut straight, seemed a little on the stiff side and they didn't fan out quite as nicely as they should have. This made the application near the cuticle more difficult, but not so much that I really considered it to be a problem. I knew Charming Cobalt was a shimmer based on the look in the bottle, but until I got into some brighter lighting with it on the nail, I would've taken it for a creme.

Chic Chocolate is much more beautiful in person than what I was able to capture with my camera. I have similar black based shades with red glitter, but the way this one shifts making it look like a black creme around the edges is unique to my collection.

On another note, who's looking forward to college football here in the U.S. today? Any team favorites? As I have for my entire life, I'll be cheering for Notre Dame and hoping their new coach can return them to the glory days I remember long ago. Hope and reality are often two different things, but I'm going to keep the faith. Go Irish!!!


  1. Wow! The first one is just gorgeous!!

  2. I like the third colour, It has a blue dark shine that I love it.

  3. Love that vampy shade. I do have many others like it. Love the blue but again have many others. Enjoy your football and company.

  4. I'm watching the ND game right now! I really like the first polish.

  5. Charming Cobalt is very pretty. :)

  6. such pretty colors that scream Fall to me!