Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lunar Eclipse & Out Of This World-Orly Cosmic FX

Finally I've finished swatching the last of my Orly Cosmic FX shades, and here and the last two. As with the others, I needed 3 coats to get an even finish, but the unique look of the majority of the shades in this collection are worth that third coat for me.

Above: Lunar Eclipse is a bright and rich royal blue with lighter aqua blue glitter--or as Orly commented on one of my previous posts on a shade from this line--The Cosmic FX line doesn't use glitter. The multidimensional shine is the result of our Mineral FX raw material technology. I thought that was interesting that it's not actually glitter, although it is easier just to call it that!

Below: Out of this World is a slightly toned down version of grape with violet glitter, or Mineral FX raw material, I should say! This photo was taken under cloudy skies and the violet is actually more vivid in brighter lighting.

All in all, this is a collection that lived up to all of the hype it received prior to its release. As I mentioned in previous posts, a couple of the shades are quite similar to other shades I already had (Halley's Comet & It's Not Rocket Science). I love the finishes, and the duo chrome that a few of them have, especially Space Cadet. I'm not a fan of the price tag, but that's the price we pay for new technology. I personally haven't worn any of mine long enough to know, but I'm curious as to whether or not the Mineral FX raw material adds to the longevity of wear time.


  1. These two are gorgeous! Argh! Why must this be pricey!

  2. I have to order this whole collection. I love them all. Space Cadet is my favorite of course. I ordered the mens and womens Infamous Lovers collection! There's some gorgeous greens in that collection. Having that 15% coupon really helped. Have a fantastic holiday with your family Mary.

  3. Must have Orly's, "Lunar Eclipse" and "Out of this World," They look so gorgeous on your pretty nails, Mary, thanks for swatching these. Happy Labor Dy everyone!

  4. I like Out of this World the best! How awesome!

  5. woow I think I must have them too. Both colours look amazing. My wishlist is growing and growing.... so fast!