Thursday, September 30, 2010

Borghese Scintillare Fall 2010 Collection

Borghese collections normally have at least one must-have shade in them, if not more. The Scintillare Collection contains 6 shades, 4 of which I picked up. I must say after swatching these...I need the other 2! These are all glitters and they're absolutely gorgeous. The other 2 polishes are a purple with multi colored glitter (matte finish) and a sparkly gold glitter, which I don't believe has a matte finish.

Above & Below: Mediterraneo Sea is a stunning shade of dark turquoise/teal with multi colored glitter. This one dries to a matte finish (above), but as you can see, a clear top coat amplifies it significantly. These have quite a smooth finish, although they look a bit grainy in my photos.

Below: Vigneto Berry, a deep fuchsia with matching foil glitter gave me a bit of a problem formula-wise. It was rather thick and left some less-than-desirable streaks and lumps. Again, this one has a matte finish, but after adding a clear top coat (second photo), I was more than satisfied with the finish.

Below: Nero Magico is a lovely black based shade with silver glitter. This one dries to a gloss finish. I have some other black polishes with silver glitter, but this one stands out as being the most bling-y of them all!

Below: Scintilla Magic is a red creme with red foil glitter...or so it appears in the bottle as such. This one has glitter that sometimes look red and other times gold. What's interesting about it is that when I removed it, the glitter is actually silver on the cotton ball.

This is a very nice collection from Borghese with some stunning and unique shades. Scintillare means Sparkle in Italian, so it's a very fitting name for this collection. I don't quite understand why half of them are matte and the others are gloss, but you have the option of adding a top coat if you're not happy with the finish. I actually like them both ways, but I'll admit the top coat brings them up to a remarkable level.

I used 2 coats on these highly pigmented polishes, and other than the fact that Vigneto Berry was too thick to get a nice finish with (I've since added thinner), the application on the others was fine. This brand has always seemed a bit pricey to me at $8.00 a bottle for a drug store brand, but with sales you can often get them bogo, bringing them down to $6.00 each.


  1. I love the top 3. They are soooooooooooooo gorgeous.

  2. Very pretty! I especially like Nero Magico.

  3. These are great glitteries for the fall. Nice!!!

  4. All 4 are very pretty. Definietly all going on my wishlist.

  5. WOw I want all of these. But realistically I will probably just buy Mediterraneo Sea. I'm on a low buy. Damn tuition bill!

  6. Nero Magic is my favourite. Its interesting that some of these dry matte.

  7. Oh my god, these are gorgeous - it's going to be hard to just buy one.

  8. I want the two matte shades. The others I have plenty like them. I'm more interested in getting polishes of shades I don't have. Something different which I don't know what but I'm hopeful.


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