Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 Shades From BB Couture Infamous Lovers & A Code

Overall Beauty sent out their newsletter Sunday and it sounds like she's having a little sale! The Saints of Ruin Collection and both the Guys and Gals Infamous Lovers sets are on sale for $50.00. Use code Summer09 to save $3.00 on all orders over $25.00. Kim mentioned that the sale is for 3 days only, so I'm assuming it ends tomorrow. She recently reorganized the BB Coutures polishes into color families, which makes searching very easy now. Sign up for her newsletter if you haven't already (right column of her site).

Above & Below: Romeo is a rustic red with a hint of pink creme shade with fine silver and lighter pink glitter. The glitter is subtle, but it is noticeable. As always with most BB Coutures, I used 2 coats and had great coverage. The top photo was taken outdoors, while the photo below was taken with an Ott lamp.

Below: Juliet, a medium mauve creme with a hint of silver glitter, is a creme for the most part. The glitter in this one, perhaps due to the lighter shade, is not terribly obvious.

Below: Pocahontas is a trickster because this taupe creme shade with fine silver glitter changes from a medium brown-based taupe (shown below under artificial lighting) to a much greyer-based taupe (second photo) under an Ott lamp. I have cloudy skies today, but outdoors it looked more pink-based, but still a taupe shade.

Below: Adam is naturally my personal favorite of these four shades because it's green! This muddy olive shimmer shade carries a coppery pink haze with it in any lighting, but is more obvious in brighter lighting.

I obviously adore Adam for his green-ness, but Pocahontas is running a close 2nd place for my favorite of these four. Taupe shades are coming at us fast and furious from just about every polish manufacturer, but I'm not complaining. I was intrigued by the different versions of taupe that this one polish produces. The application was very good for me on these and I continue to be amazed not only by the excellent formula of this brand, but also by the colors and finishes that they introduce at a rate faster than my wallet would like!


  1. Adam is really a color I haven't seen before all that much

  2. I ordered this as soon as I read on your blog that it was out. I've worn Romeo and another one which was green. I forget which one. The perils of getting old is memory blips! They are all fantastic polishes. I just wore Tequila Sunrise and love it!

  3. They're a little over my budget for nail polish but they're great quality. I haven't posted yet about the 3 I won in a giveaway but you're making me lemming for more!

  4. Adam is really a color I haven't seen before all that much