Friday, August 27, 2010

Rimmel Hot Cocoa Layered With Milani High Fashion

I picked up Milani's High Fashion today from the same display that holds Dress Maker (Haute Value LE collection), and wanted to take a quick look at how it worked as a layering polish. My NOTD is Rimmel's Hot Cocoa, a dusty carnation shade with a very slight pink-toned mauve color to it. This shade is a little too light to get the best look from Milani's High Fashion, but I must say, it is reminiscent of the properties found in Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure.

Below: I used one coat of Milani's High Fashion and it has very small silver, pink and green holographic glitter in a milky base.
Below: In the shade, the glitter takes on a coppery pink hue, similar to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure on a much smaller scale.
I definitely want to try this over a darker color and use a second coat, but if you like the copper pink glitter in Hidden Treasure, you might want to pick up Milani High Fashion. Obviously, the glitter is much finer that HT, but that's nice for a more subtle look.


  1. Is there any major difference you see when layering with a milky base glitter versus a clear base one? Just thinking out loud....

  2. thanks for the swatches! I just picked this up. Isn't it so pretty in the bottle?

  3. Super pretty!

  4. I like both shades. Very pretty. I haven't seen anything but Dress Maker and High Fashion. Do you have the rest of the Milani Collection? I adore Dress Maker!

  5. kittypolishnbags~I don't really see a difference in appearance as much as a notice a difference in application. For me, it seems that the milky based polishes give a better base to the glitters because I get a more even application of glitter placement from the milky ones than I do the clear ones, if that makes sense!

    Cara~it is pretty, on the nail and in the bottle! I have it on my desk and it keeps catching my eye when the light hits it :)

    ~Lisa~thank you, glad you like it :)

    Lucy~I picked up 2-3 from the collection, the 2 taupe-ish ones (a light and dark), Dress Maker and High Fashion. Nice looking collection, but I think the 2 beiges/taupes I picked up are probably somewhat dupe-able~oh well, not the first or last time for that,right?!!