Thursday, August 12, 2010

New From New York Color (NYC): Pier 17 & Flat Iron Green

I picked up two shades from New York Color at Meijer last week which were in their regular core display. These were the only two that had the "new" label, so I don't think there are others at this time.

Above & Below: Pier 17 is a gorgeous shade that isn't quite a royal blue with loads of shimmer. The first coat had me wondering if this was going to be a cornflower blue, believe it or not, because I definitely saw cornflower in there. The second coat diminished that though, but interestly enough, when I removed it, the color on the cotton ball was clearly a dark cornflower shade. The photo above was taken indoors with a flash, while the photo below was taken outdoors in full sunlight.
Below: In the shade it's still gorgeous! You can call it royal, cornflower, or whatever you'd like--but I'm just going to call it one beautiful shade that seems to glow.

Below: I couldn't capture the essence of Flat Iron Green because there was a huge bee buzzing around my hand, so trust me when I tell you this is no less spectacular than Pier 17, just with different attributes.
Below: The first photo below was taken with a flash, while the photo below was taken outdoors in the shade. They show a better representation of this one's high gloss jelly-ish finish.

Below: Indoors, and actually most of the time outdoors, this one looks like a deep forest green creme. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that it's actually a shimmer within a creme.
Nice additions to your line, NY Color! I love both of these shades and if I had to pick a favorite, I'd choose Pier 17. The only reason I say that, is the application was a little bit better. I used 2 coats and was perfectly satisfied with the results. Flat Iron Green was streaky on the first coat, and I knew a second coat wouldn't quite do the trick. I ended up touching up the bald spots after the first coat, then applying the second coat. The formula seemed a little thick, so I have since added thinner. It wasn't problematic enough to bother me, because this deep green with it's secret shimmer is a very nice shade.


  1. LOVE the blue one! Wow!

  2. Oh, I have the blue.
    But theres this new dark purple one as well.

    Yours turned out better than mine >o<

  3. I love this whole collection. My girlfriend Linda picked it up for me at Walgreens. They are all places in NYC. I forget how many there were. I didn't even have to pay her for them. There loads of gorgeous shades.

  4. Oh great now I want Pier 17! LOL
    Thanks for swatching these...NYC did a great color, for a great price!