Sunday, August 22, 2010

NARS Tokaido Express

NARS Tokaido Express, named after Japan's express rail line, is an eggplant purple shimmer with multi colored glitter. I used 2 coats on this and have no complaints about the application, although the drying time seems to be a bit longer than I prefer.

All in all I've always liked the NARS polishes I have, but I wouldn't say there's anything about this one that makes it stand out above other similar shades. NARS describes it as a black amethyst infused with gold. That's not exactly what I see, but it's pretty--I don't know if it's $16.00 worth of pretty though!


  1. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. A glitter polish that I actually like!

  3. It is pretty, but I agree, it isn't $16.00 pretty. We can do just as well for less dough.

  4. i bought it. i returned it! def not worth $16, esp cause I didn't like the handle on the brush

  5. It's pretty but not worth $16. I can find similar pretty polishes from China Glaze or something. Then again, I'm a cheapo most of the time.

  6. I got that one from a blog sale for a couple of euros, I would probably never have paid full price for it but it's still pretty I think, just not very unique.
    Are you getting the re-release of Zulu?

  7. I only own this and Orgasm. Haven't worn either yet. This is a pretty shade. I don't know about the $16 price tag. I don't usually pay that much. Kind of kills me when I do. I think of how many more I could've bought! I hope I get a chance to get the re-release of Zulu. Do you know when that's happening?

  8. 1xellus1~happy you like it! It's pretty--it's purple!

    AnnKiins~just a subtle glitter, but yes, pretty :)

    Ice Queen~I tend to agree. Pretty, but nothing terribly unique about it.

    jbrobeck~the handle/brush are a little cumbersome with the shape and size, that's true.

    kittypolishnbags~it reminded me very much of a China Glaze, but I couldn't recall the name of which one.

    chocaddict~I don't even know why I bought this! I like it, but even looking at other pictures it wasn't that different or unique. I'm not sure yet if I'll cave on the new ones and/or Zulu. I'm leaning toward yes, probably!

    Lucy~I don't know why we do it either! Zulu is in their Fall offering (Oct. release) along with 4 other shades, I believe.