Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color Club Untamed Luxury: Part 1

These are some very quick swatches done while racing against a setting sun, trying to make dinner, and giving one of the dogs an unplanned bath because he dug a hole and promptly layed in it. I hope you get the idea though! Color Club's Untamed Luxury Fall 2010 collection contains 14 polishes. There are 2 boxed sets, and I assume they'll also be available individually. Below are 5 shades from the Glitter Nails Lacquer set.

Above & Below: Untamed Luxury is a highly pigmented Caribbean blue glitter with a matching base color. This formula is not nearly as jelly-like as their Japanese Glitters were and applied well using 2 coats. The top photo is with a flash, while the photo below was taken outdoors in the rapidly descending sunlight.

Below: Red Velvet is a black based red glitter that reminds me more of RBL's Russian Red than Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers. I used 2 coats on this and it's much prettier than my photo. I'm standing on a chair in this picture trying to catch some sun. This one has a gloss finish, but not a strong one, and I think it would look better with a top coat.

Below: Covered in Diamonds is a very unique glitter topcoat with all kinds of shapes and sizes of holographic multi colored glitter. This is one quick coat which I added while outdoors and I thought for one coat, the glitter placement turned out pretty well.

Below: Isn't that interesting and beautiful? I love how they seem to glow on the nail.
Below: De-Luxe-Cious is a silver blue shimmer with tiny holographic glitter. I used 2 coats on this and I see a little lighter coverage areas, which are likely due to me hurrying through the application.

Below: Ms. Hautie--cute name, lovely in the bottle, don't care for it on the nail. This gunmetal grey shimmer with tiny holographic glitter looks completely different on the nail that what I envisioned from the bottle. It's got a somewhat frost finish and the glitter isn't very noticeable. It's not matte, but close to it.
Below: How can it look this good in the bottle? This is what it should look like on the nail, but sadly, it does not.
I'll bring some more of these shades to the blog tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have more time and better lighting to do them justice. Other than Ms. Hautie and her finish, I'm quite pleased with this collection. I played around with some of the other shades and there's definitely more to be excited about!


  1. Wowsa that's some hotness right there.

  2. I'm kind of on the fence about most of these, but I do LOVE Untamed Luxury.

  3. okay, i am now excited for this collection! glad Color Club is cheap!

  4. Color Club always does some cool stuff and you cannot beat their prices. I'd like to see Ms. Hautie with a top coat...I think that will change the whole color. Especially if you top it with "vivid" show us Ms. Hautie with a top coat please?

  5. Oh yes, Untamed Luxury...
    But I SO hoped that De-luxe-icious is much more blue! Somewhat like my actual lemming Zoya Jo... pity.
    CID looks marvellous, really unique.

  6. Love Covered In Diamonds. That's a different looking flakie. Very pretty. The rest are nice but look like what I already have. Can't wait to see what the rest look like.

  7. Untamed it love it love it!!

  8. Wow, Untamed luxury & Covered in Diamonds are so pretty! Nice swatches =]

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    I'm a follower now:)!

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  10. WOW! Covered in Diamonds is really different and interesting! I like it a lot... it's so eye-catching. I wonder if you could use it as a polish on its own...

  11. Aww you can't really see any iridescence in Ms. Hautie on the nail. However, Untamed Luxury is hot.

  12. I love that chunky layering polish! Very cool.

  13. Thanks to your swatches there is now no doubt in my mind I will get these! Beautiful!

  14. I want this collection so bad!

    Why does college have to be so expensive? I want polish! :P

    Thanks for the lovely pics