Sunday, August 15, 2010

Color Club Untamed Luxury: Indulgence Collection Part I

Color Club's Untamed Luxury is available in 2 boxed sets, and today I'll be showing you the shades in the Indulgence collection. This set contains 3 cremes, a frost or pearl (say it isn't so!), 2 shimmers, and a creme with micro glitter.

Above & Below: Nothing But Truffle is a brown/black shimmer with a strong black base. The shimmer is hard to describe, but I'll call it a golden red.
Below: The dark base gives this an interesting look, shifting with the shimmer to look much darker in lower lighting.
Below: With a flash and indoors in brighter lighting, the shimmer is more gold. Outdoors, as in the first photo, the shimmer seems to have some red mixed in. This covered very nicely using 2 coats, and has a high gloss finish.
Below: Jewel of a Girl also has a blackened base, allowing the deep garnet shimmer to take on a glowing effect. Again, I used 2 coats and had no problems with the application.
Below: With a flash, the blackened base adds a nice touch. When I removed this, there was absolutely no trace of red or burgundy on the cotton ball. It was completely void of these tones, leaving only a deep umber brown and a bit of charcoal, yet it didn't look brown at all to me on the nail.
Below: Ready to Royal is a very nice 2 coat deep grape toned purple creme with a jelly finish. This photo was taken with an Ott lamp.
Pretty shades, but nothing totally unique about any of these 3 shades, don't you agree? I always love a black based shimmer, and a deep purple with a jelly finish is nothing to complain about either. These all had very nice formulas and coverage, as I find the case to be with most Color Club polishes. I guess after sorting through my polishes while (still!) doing the move to Melmers, I've become much more critical about colors, because it's giving me the opportunity to see just how many similar shades there are out there, and I seem to have acquired quite a few!


  1. Jewel of a Girl was nice.
    But I'm not a big fan of the first one.

  2. love them! Color Club is not disappointing with this collection!

  3. These are all beautiful shades. Look fantastic on you. I don't think I want to even go through all my polish. I'm afraid I have loads that are alike. I try to buy something different. After I get the boxes opened and look at all the polishes they look the same. The only thing I was really excited by was Nubar's Prism Collection. They were all gorgeous.

  4. These are quite nice colours for winter, I was thinking of getting Jewel of a Girl, I think it would look lovely with gold stamped on top.