Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoya Wonderful Part I: Shawn, Cola & Kristi

Zoya offers 6 creme shades in their Fall 2010 Wonderful Collection which are available now on their web site. All three of the shades I'm showing you covered very nicely using 2 coats. Photos were all taken indoors using an Ott lamp.

Below: First up is Shawn, a solid olive green shade as a general description, or a myrtle green as described by Zoya. This applied a little darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle, but I'm not complaining. It's still green!

Below: Cola is a rich russet or chestnut brown shade that appears to have fewer red undertones in darker lighting.
Below: Kristi, a gorgeous red described as a crimson shade by Zoya, gets added to my list of perfect red cremes.
I love Shawn and Kristi, but I don't think Cola gets along with my skin tone as well as I would have liked it to. The application on all of these was nothing short of excellent. They're very opaque, and even though I had a few spots after the first coat that were fairly sparse, the second coat perfected them. These also have an extremely high gloss finish.
*Products featured were furnished by the PR firm or manufacturer for review.


  1. I realllly like Shawn and Cola, and Kristi is very lovely too.

  2. Oh that he(it) is beautiful this green it is magnificent that of beautiful things has to see on your blog, I lived in France and the moitie of varnishs that you present, (hunted for antiques glaze, zoya and other, are not market here) or not in the surroundings or I lived in any case
    Thank you for making me rever..

  3. Shawn is such a beautiful shade of green. I definitely am buying this. I'm not sure about the rest of the cremes.

  4. I like Shawn, but it looks alot like SpaRitual Yes I Can. I still like all the other colors in this group, like Kelly.

  5. Zara~it sounds like you like them all! I did too, but Im going to revisit Cola another time and see if I like it any better against my skin tone.

    BlushingNoir~it is a unique green. I just love greens anyway, so I totally agree with you :)

    Anonymous~it's lovely, yes! I know what you mean...I see so many pretty polishes that we don't have in our country too. But I enjoy looking at them, even though I can't get them.

    Lucy~never a fan of cremes on me becaue I lack application skills. But any green is a must for me :)

    Aurora's Nails~Shawn seems to be the most popular, doesn't it!

    Starlight~I'm not familiar with that SpaRitual shade, I'll check it out. Kelly is very nice too. Shawn and Kelly are probably my favorites.