Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zoya Wicked-The Reds: Karina, Carrie Ann, Kym

These aren't necessary all true reds, but they're close in color and I wanted to show them altogether so you could get a better idea of their similarities and differences. As you likely know, the Wicked set from Zoya's Fall collections (Wonderful includes 6 cremes) are all sparkly glitters. These all covered very nicely in 2 coats, and you can find the other 3 shades (Edyta-green, Julieanne-purple, Cheryl-brown) if you scroll down over the past couple of days.

Above & Below: Karina is a lovely jewel-toned red, and the most true red of these 3. The mostly red and slight gold glitter combine with the polish shade to give it a look like plush velvet with a glow. In the shade (below), I detected hints of China Glaze Ruby Pumps.
Below: Carrie Ann has a slight rust/orange tone to it, and the glitter is primarily the same color as the polish. This also has gold glitter in the mix, but it's slightly more evident in the bottle than on the nail.

Below: Kym is my personal favorite of these 3 shades, and has a strong glow factor at work! To me, this is a light cranberry shade of red with what I would describe as a toned down look. I don't dare call it a dusty look, because something with this much glitter and glow would not allow it.

Now that I've had a chance to swatch all of the shades in the Wicked collection, I can say that I think this is a fantastic set of shades for Autumn. The polishes themselves all applied very well in 2 coats, and the glitter definitely livens up each one, without giving your nails a look of glitter overload. Not that there's anything wrong with too much glitter, but these are workplace-safe, while being elegant at the same time. Of course, if your workplace is extremely conservative, you may get a raised eyebrow or two if you wear Edyta, but don't let it bother you. They just don't appreciate your sense of style, because that one is an especially gorgeous shade in my opinion.
I'll be working on the Wonderful collection this week, which looks promising, based on the bottle colors. I noticed that both of the Wicked & Wonderful collections have versions of the same colors--each has a green, a purple, and a brown, as well as 3 shades of reds. The reds are more varied in the Wonderful collection, with Stacy bordering on a wine/deep fuchsia shade. I've already let you know (several times!) that Edyta is my favorite from the Wicked collection--what's your personal favorite in this set?
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  1. Kym is my favorite of the Wicked reds as well. I would love to try it with a matte topcoat!

  2. I agree with you Mary. Kym is also my favorite of the reds. I'm going to wait awhile before ordering these. I'll see if anyone finds dupes for these. I think some bloggers may get annoyed by the dupe question. I find my collection has many polishes that are barely a shade apart. I want to find polishes that are really different from each other. I really enjoy bying new polishes and want every collection I see. It's very expensive and also hard to find space for it all.

  3. I like KYM too.

  4. Oh my, my, my! I love them all! The only thing I tend to shy away from with polish is cremes. I just prefer glitters and shimmers. Looks like I need to wait for a promo for a good price!

  5. Zara~I wanted to matte all of these! I haven't played with my matte top coat at all lately. Last year I was mattifying everything :)

    Lucy~I'm sure I have one, maybe 2 dupes in my collection *rolls eyes*! I know, it really gets out of control, but we're obsessed. Good for you though for showing something I have lttle of: restraint :)

    shoutingwind~it sounds like Kym's the winner here!

    Kathy~I tend to shy away from cremes too. Love how they look, but they're harder for me to apply. Hopefully they'll have a code soon. They said when they reach 10,000 Twitter followers, they'll have something, although I don't know what.