Friday, July 9, 2010

Zoya Wicked: Julieanne & Cheryl

I have 2 more shades from Zoya's Wicked collection for you this afternoon, Julieanne (byzantium sparkling metallic)and Cheryl (chocolate bronze sparkling metallic). Edyta spoiled me with it's duo chrome beauty, and while these don't have the duo chrome feature, they're rich, beautiful shades that are perfect for Autumn.

Above & Below: Julieanne is a deep purple hue that's typically showing a little more blue in my photos. Like Edyta and Cheryl, this one too seems to have a charcoal base. You'll notice that on the first coat, but a second coat gives you perfect coverage.
Below: This photo was taken indoors with a flash and shows the true purple color. The glitter is a violet shade that reflects fuchsia at times.
Below: Cheryl, shown in full sunlight, is a gorgeous mahogany brown shade with lighter glitter of the same color. It often reflects some gold and copper, giving it added beauty.

Below: In the shade, you can pick out more of it's attributes. The deep copper glitter all but disappears, making way for the gold glitter to take center stage. You can also see how well the charcoal grey base works with the brown pigment.
All 3 of the shades I've swatched so far have been highly pigmented, making for a quick 2 coat application. It's interesting to see the science behind these colors when they're removed with acetone and cotton. My first swipe removing Edyta left me with pure gold on the nail, and Julieanne's glitter was showing it's true colors, because they were actually fuchsia. I saw much more copper on Cheryl's cotton ball than what's evident on the nail. Whatever color process Zoya used to create these shades, it worked very well!
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Julieanne is gooorgeous...I need that one baad!

  2. I'm definitely going to order all of those beautiful glitters. I just ordered 5 Deborah Lippmann polishes! I got the email with the code:hotjuly for 20% of of $40 or $50. It wasn't hard to spend that much. Wish the new ones were there but they weren't. Finally bought Happy Birthday!

  3. Hello Mary: Once again you wowed me!

    I love the Zoya brand and I am falling in love with "Zoya Cheryl" it's such a beautiful copper shade. I would love the look on my toenails...

    The other shade Zoya "Julianne" is also gorgoeus looking on your nails. Perfection! Besides the Zoya web site where would be a good place to buy these? Do any of the Pharmacy's like Walgreen's, CVS or Rite Aid carry them?

    Have a great weekend


    Mc Huggs :)