Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zoya Wicked: Edyta

Zoya's Edyta, from the newly released Fall 2010 Wicked Collection, is described as a fern green sparkling metallic. While I would agree with that marketing snippet, it is so much more than that! This fern green shade is infused with gold and green glitter that covered perfectly using 2 coats. It also seems to have an underlying hint of charcoal grey in it. The gold isn't a bright gold, but rather more of a burnished gold. And I'm saving the best feature for last--it's a slight duo chrome, so prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. Green + Duo Chrome = photo overload!

Above & Below: The photos above were all taken in partial shade, which is where Edyta's duo chrome properties perform the best. The photo below is shown in full sunlight.
Below: This photo was taken indoors with a flash.
Below: When I first saw Edyta in the bottle, thoughts of similarities with OPI by Sephora's Absinthe Makes the Heart came to mind. Are they the same? Not at all. Absinthe Makes the Heart is more grey based and has aqua and copper glitter. The finish and glitter types are different as well. Similar, slightly. Dupes? No. You can view my post on Absinthe Makes the Heart here to get a better look.
Below: I am not only mesmerized by the way Edyta looks on the nail, but also in the bottle... much so, that here's another look!
Below: A macro shot of Edyta's finish on the nail.
Below: We're going off-topic here! While I was photographing Edyta, my female Shepherd was going crazy, and this is why. The poor little baby bunny was somehow trapped in the backyard, and thank God, Greta didn't get a hold of him. I put her in the house right away and tried to corral bunny into a corner and he squeezed out by the tomatoes.
Below: The tomatoes are coming along nicely, but if he sneaks back in and eats them, I'll be very upset. I'm really looking forward to freash tomatoes, but I'm afraid bunny might be too!
I just received the Zoya Wicked and Wonderful sets tonight, and was planning on starting the swatch-fest tomorrow. They all look gorgeous and evoke thoughts of boots, sweaters, rich leathers, the air scented with burning it is July, and these polishes have me dreaming of Autumn. After pulling Edyta out and looking at it, I couldn't wait to see what this one looked like. I'll be working on getting the others posted over the next couple of days. What do you think of this one? Are you longing for Fall yet?
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  1. oh for goodness sakes there are more gorgeous greens that a girl could ever use and yet they are all so pretty

  2. Wow this is an interesting green! I didn't like it much at first but your swatches are changing my mind. I'm looking forard to Julieanne:)

  3. Edyta is just something special. I gather that you like this just a little! The color is gorgeous on this. Can't wait to see all the swatches. Your tomatoes are divine looking. Nothing better than vine ripened tomatoes. My Mother had a huge garden full of tomatoes. They were huge and the rabbits did a number on them. They tunneled right through the center of them. Took a nibble on others. You go to pick a beautiful tomato and there are big bite marks on the other side. Why didn't they just eat a whole one? Hope you have better luck.

  4. Great swatches, Mary!

    And tomatoes... I love them! :D

  5. Wish I were on DWTS so I can have a polish in my name, lol. With this shade to start, the whole collection must be really pretty

  6. Edyta is soo gorgeous, I can't wait to purchase it!

  7. My Dad used to have a grand tomato garden. There is no other way to describe it! My Mom would buy giant carrots and leave them on the lawn for the bunnies. It annoyed my father at first, but then he realized the bunnies ate less tomatoes!

    That green is tremendous! It looks like a sparkling galaxy with an evergreen grove in the middle.

  8. aww bunny is cute!
    I love greeny golds, it's one of my favourite shades.

  9. That's a really neat, unusual color.

  10. Hmm...I would LOVE this, except I have something against greens. I love a good mint, jade or neon lime, but other than that I just hate greens, but this one really neat, so I think I'm going to have to give it a try.

  11. awwww, adorable bunny!! and look at those tomatoes!! YUM!! Gorgeous color - I just love this one :)

  12. Hmmm, I have this polish and I've seen tons of pictures of it online. It does not have that bright forest green color at all. It is not duochrome. You know why some of your pictures are showing a vibrant green? The bottle and the shiny nail surface is picking up the reflections of the greenery around you! :D I hope you won't be offended, I thought it was interesting.