Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Name Flea Market Polish

Today I have another $1.00 flea market polish that my sister sent me from South Carolina. This one has no name, color number or brand anywhere on the bottle. I did a little Google searching and found similar bottles on many wholesale sites from China and Indonesia, so I'm guessing that's likely where it originated. I'll have to start a new section in my stash for no-name polishes!

Above & Below: No name polish shown outdoors in the sunlight, is a pretty silvery sage green shade that surprisingly, applied very nicely in 2 coats. It's somewhat of a metallic finish, so I was a little concerned about brush strokes, but I didn't have a problem.
Below: In the shade you can see that it has a little foil action going on.
Below: The bottle has a nice design and for $1.00, it even came with a rhinestone embedded in the top of the cap!
I love this shade of green, and the silvery shimmer adds a nice touch, with a look of tiny sugar crystals. I'm a little concerned about the ingredients, simply because it has such a strong chemical smell. The smell evaporates when the polish dries, thankfully. Maybe we can come up with a name for this one, so it feels some sense of identity!


  1. The bottle looks like something a princess would have on her vanity. The finish reminds me of some of the Spring 2010 Sally Hansen Complete Salons.

  2. thats a very unique silver too, has a blue/green tint on my screen.lucky you. thanks for the posts

  3. I have polish by that same "no-name" brand I got at a flea market. Mine is a gorgeous red color, but the smell is somewhat worrying like you said. I have no idea what is in there, but I love the color. The color you have is very pretty too!

  4. I adore the bottle design! I love the way the glass is cut as well.

  5. Wow! That one did preform quite well. A very nice color; unique.

  6. It's beautiful...seems no name polishes have the greatest colors. Aw, I wish you have shown the rhinestone. Love bottle design :)

  7. Love the bottle! I'd keep it for the bottle's design alone even if I didn't love the polish! LOL!

  8. That looks like a Jill Stuart polish.

  9. You have the best of both world's, a gorgeous bottle and gorgeous polish. Really a lovely shade.

  10. you could call her weeping willow or silver maple, she reminds me of the green silver white of weeping willow or silver maple leaves

  11. Gorgeous color and super cute bottle. Definetly not bad for $1 :)

  12. Those look a lot like Jill Stuart bottles but if I recall correctly from photos, Jill Stuart polishes actually say Jill Stuart on the cap somewhere (around the rim?).

  13. i also seen some bottle polish like this when I was in Abu Dhabi..have u seen any number code at the bottom of the bottle.. this polish is made in China.. which here in Manila its called China the color...

  14. Really pretty color and the bottle design is so cool.

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  15. They have these at the flea market in my town. Honestly that is the most simple bottle style of that brand I have seen. They have some CRAZY elaborate bottles! Some shaped like shoes and houses even!

  16. Hi Mary:

    Thanks for sharing. First off, your nails are just gorgeous looking, love the silver nail polish, and you found this for just $1.00 Wow!

    Did you know Michelle Mismas of, "All Lacquered Up" collects unusual and unique nail polish bottles?

    I really love the interesting design and shape for the bottle. Your sister is very nice to have sent this to you. From my engineering background, if I may: "...The smell you have is probably one or all of the three banned substances of the older nail polishes and this "no name company" has toluene, bisphenyl-A phytates, etc. in the ingredients list.

    However, most nail polishes, (including OPI) has stopped producing them and joined the "California Safe Compact for Cosmetics" which I am sure you know about.
    "Skin Deep":

    Anyway, sorry to go off track, yes I am a male nail polish fanatic and follow a number of other nail polish blogs, LOL love your web site and your swatches are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


    Mc Huggs :)

  17. KarenD~i love how pretty the bottle is :) They are similar to those SH, although I think the glitter or finish is a little more refined in the SH.

    aaminahs mom~I guess there is a very slight hint of blue, but mainly grey/green/silver. Lots going on in that bottle for $1.00!

    Stardust Stephanie~it does make you wonder what could be in there. I don't think I'd make a habit of wearing these too often. But they sure are pretty :)

    Rebecca~I love the cut of the bottle too. I'm a sucker for unique bottle designs.

    Kimberly~I didn't expect them to apply so nicely, but so far, the ones I have tried are very nice.

    rmcandlelight~you can see the rhinestone in profile in the bottle picture. I actually took a picture of it because I loved it, but didn't think anyone else would :) I'll post it for you the next time I swatch one of these.

    Michelle L.~I totally agree with you! It's just a bonus that it's an interesting color with great application.

    Phyrra~glad you like it! I love that shade of mossy, silvery green.

    Kae~I guess it does, doesn't it. But it costs a little less and smells a lot more :)

    Lucy~you said it well :)

    peripatetic33~that is exactly what it reminds me of, those leaves! Very good analysis.

    Twister~I can't decide if I like the shade or the bottle better!

    flinty~ha-ha, Kae noticed that too! Maybe they're bootleg/black market Jill Stuart's :) I don't think so though.

    Thriszha~there is a number on the bottom. I'd love to see a color chart of all the polishes this company makes!

    susies1955~glad you like it!

    Manatee Mama~this one is pretty simple, even compared to the others my sister sent. But houses and shoes? That's crazy! I'd love to see those :)

    Geo58~thank you! I'm pretty sure these aren't free of the Big 3, but what concerns me is just what is in there! Bottle collecting is just as fun as polish collecting to some degree. I'd love to see some old bottles from the 40's. That would be a nice addition to the collection :)

  18. Gorgeous color for summer, looks so beautiful on you.